Tegloma Presents Cultural Heritage Fashion show in a Fundraising Drive

By Sanpha Sesay, Texas Chief

In a bid to exhibit and conserve the Sierra Leone cultural heritage in the United States, the branch of Federation of Tegloma in Dallas has on Saturday, August 17, 2013, presented a classical cultural and fashion show in the central city of Dallas Texas.  The event attracts many people from different cultural backgrounds with the Sierra Leonean community at large enthusiastically rendering their support to Tegloma for its engagement in the preservation of their country’s cultural heritage in the United States.

The event comprises presentation of different fashions of African attires displayed by teenage girls and boys.  The “Gorboi” dance was a crazy scheme while the raffia dance also featured by adolescents.  Members were in ascorbic luxury fashion design.

The advancement of modern technology on a communication super high-way made it possible for the disco Jokers, Mohamed Bio and Joe Pokowa, played the latest African music mainly from Sierra Leone and Nigeria. To entertain other nationalities, the DJ’s also played hip up and other American series.  Food and drinks were sold at very low prices.

Dignitaries present in the occasion were among them, a veteran politician, Dr. Alicious Joe Jackson and Tegloma powerful chapter president, Mrs. Josephine Ladipoh.  The chapter president was not found on the high table, chosen to sit among the participants perhaps, avoiding an element of bureaucratic control.   The political party chapter leaders such as, the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Mrs. Khadijatu Tegan-Sie and the newly appointed All  People’s Congress Social and Cultural group (APC/SC), Mr. Sheik Daboh were also there rubbernecking.   One of the founding fathers of the Tergloma Dallas chapter, Mr. Henry Gebe was in the gate to ascertain accurate fundraiser.


Tegloma is constitutionally bound by its members in pursuit of cultural understanding, mutual love, the strong sense of cultural value, the brotherhood of human dignity in their effort to protect their inalienable rights against any forms of social injustice.  It is the largest social and non-profit organization in the United States. The Sierra Leone National Anthem is part of the organization’s preamble symbolic to loyalty of their home Sierra Leone.  Stay tune to an analysis of different organizations in the metropolitan.


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