“It is a Sham”: NASSIT WAREHOUSE US$1,185.090.26 PROJECT

nassitWhat may have happened to the One Million, One Hundred and Eighty Five Thousand and Ninety United States Dollars and Twenty Six Cents(US$1,185.090.26) for a Warehouse to be built in 36 weeks by       Sadal Enterprises,14 Adelaide Street in Freetown on behalf of NASSIT is not known. Board and Management approval for the disbursement of funds was unanimous, but the project seemed to be a white elephant that has refused to see and accept reality. The Warehouse project has become a mystery, which has attracted many interpretations from a number of employees at the Trust, especially those that are aware of the over One Million Dollars has been disbursed for the project. The project was to have commenced since 2nd April, 2013 in the interior and what most villagers referred to as one of the neglected part of Gloucester Village, the thickest and forested areas of the village that is hardly accessible to the public or inhabitants of  the Village.


Ishmael Dumbuya, reporter of the Standard Times Press who investigated the over One Million Dollar NASSIT Ware house project at Gloucester Village became disillusioned after spending the whole day in search of the location, where the 36 weeks project was to kick-off. The next day, he took off on the same mission and discovered that it was the thickest of the forests at the Village with no sign of building construction taking place or signpost displayed indicating that is NASSIT’s indentified location for the building of a Warehouse. “In witness whereof NASSIT and the contractor have caused their respective hands, common seal to be hereunto affixed the day and year first above written, signed by the within-named employer, the said National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) by its Director General and Chairman in the presence of Edward T.Sandy as witness and the contractor also signed in the presence of Sherif Kasim Carew as witness

How the idea was conceived by NASSIT officials to build a Warehouse at Gloucester village is not known, but the approval and award of the Warehouse project secured the blessings of the upper echelon of the establishment. Similarly,   the acceptance of the award by SADAL Enterprises was cherished, which prompted Mr. Mohammed Yayah Jalloh to respond with the following words “We hereby acknowledge receipt of your letter of notification of award dated, 27th March 2013 for the construction of a proposed Warehouse for the contract sum of US$1,185.090.26 (One Million, One Hundred and Eight Five Thousand and Ninety United States Dollars, and Twenty Six Cents)  “… we are pleased to inform you that we do accept the aforementioned offer and now look forward to singing the contract”

When Standard Times contacted Sadal Enterprise to explain why the Warehouse project is yet to kick off, response from the contractor’s office was a disappointment. For NASSIT, effort to get a senior official to comment was not only difficult, but objective was frustrated as most of the employees fear to comment on the over One Million Dollar Ware house project.

Lawyer Sengu Koroma, Legal Adviser of the Trust is reportedly on leave and could not be accessed for comment. However, many questions remain unanswered as to what happened to the contract and the money meant for it. The time frame, according to the contract agreement was for thirty six weeks (36) commencement and completion. Whether the money has been allegedly shared among senior officials of the Trust or the contract put on hold is unexplainable. Sources say, the Warehouse project must be investigated to determine what went wrong with either the fund or the project. It would be recalled that the contract agreement was signed between the two parties on 30th July, 2013 and on 27th March, 2013 notification of the award and selection of the contractor was agreed upon and conveyed to the contractor.

The Chairman of the NASSIT Board received the excerpts of decision of the Procurement Committee Meeting, which was held on Tuesday 4th September, 2012 and endorsed by him.(Read documentary evidence)

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