Unmasking The False Alarmist

The Sierra Leone media was inundated with mixed news on Tuesday 10th September, 2013 regarding an alleged rape case involving the former Deputy Minister of Education Science and Technology Mr. Mamoud Tarawallie and a lady known as Umu Baninna Bah. There has been a chain of events since Tuesday, the former Deputy Minister was invited for interrogation at the CID and subsequently detained up to press time without bail. Additionally, His Excellence the President has relieved the Deputy Minister of his duties with immediate effect.

However, what remained questionable is the way some sections of the media have chosen to discuss and analysed the rape allegation. Using different media platforms (radio, newspaper, social media and other outlets), media practitioners have condemned the former Deputy Minister and declared him a criminal in advance of his trial. Such actions do not only lack accuracy, they are also unprofessional as the said matter is still under investigation and the police is yet to proffer charges for the case to be before a legally constituted court.

Such practice violates the legal rights of the accused referred to in law as the principle of ‘Presumption of Innocence’ which states that an accused person is presumed innocent until Proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubts. Media publications since Tuesday have the potential of prejudicing the ongoing police investigations.

Allegations of rape against high profile public officials is not a new phenomena. The most recent example which caught international attention s the case of the former IMF Chief Dominique Strass-Khan who was accused by a New York Hotel attendant of forcefully having sex with her against her will. When a background check was conducted on the complainant, it was revealed that she lied before and that she cannot be trusted. She is a liar whose claims cannot be trusted. The accused person was acquitted and discharged.

As a responsible media, we’ve decided to step back from the media hype to conduct a background check on the alleged rape complainant – Umu Baninna Bah.

Our finding shows that the Complainant has miserable sex profile, and a liar, and has a reputation of blackmailing men she has dated – mostly for financial rip off. We can authoritatively confirm that Umu Baninna Bah is the first daughter of Madam Ramatu Bangura, a business woman who owns a house and live in that house located at No. 24 Zara Lane, Portee in the East end of Freetown. She attended the Annie Walsh Memorial School and later the Institute of Business Administration and Technology (IBATECH) she is currently a first year student at the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, Fourah Bay College. Our investigations also revealed that the Complainant likes new beds and used to make money through the trade when she is desperate for money. She has been in the business of changing beds for money since 2006 when she was a high school pupil. An interview with one of her relatives who explained that some members of her family has since distance themselves from her because of her un-Muslim and indecent life style, which members of her family hate to see her engaged in as a woman

It would be recalled that when her mother sometime back warned her, she allegedly physically assaulted with a slap, to tell her that she likes what she is doing Umu was thrown out of her mother’s house over six months back after she abandoned her marital home.

The Complainant has a history of inflicting (bodily harm on herself to justify her action. In September 2009, the Complainant was allegedly engaged in a scandalous relationship with a married man (name withheld) whose wife (name also withheld) vociferously complained to Umu’s mother about her affair with her husband when the Complainant’s mother tried to restrain her from seeing the married man, she decided to inflict bodily harm by using a razor blade to cut her body. She also took an overdose of drugs and became unconscious. Prior to this, she had written a letter to her mother justifying her suicidal action. She was rushed to the Connaught Hospital where was admitted for two days.

Umu’s exploitation strategy came to light in April 2011 when she met one Mr. Alimamy Topeh Mansaray, a young Sierra Leonean Resident in the United States. With her usual antics, she lured the young man into a love relationship. Mr. Mansaray travelled to Sierra Leone and both of them agreed to get married. After Mr. Mansaray had travelled back to the States, a date was agreed upon for the wedding. Together with her mother, they collected over Le 35,000,000 from Mr. Mansaray. Part of the money was used for the wedding whilst the other was a loan to the mother to complete the top flat of her Zara lane residence where the wedding was to take place. In a joyous mood, Mr. Mansaray travelled to Sierra Leone for the wedding and stayed at the house of the would-be mother-in-law together with Umu. All wedding arrangements were completed: the mosque booked, wedding souvenirs printed and guests invited. The wedding was slated for Sunday 10th April, 2011 (see wedding souvenir attached). While the merriment was ongoing, Umu was planning something different. Two days to the wedding, she carted away the sum of $5,000 dollars from her suitor’s bag and travelled to Banjul – the Gambia to meet her father. The wedding was shamefully cancelled and Mr. Mansaray had to secure a loan from a friend to buy his return air ticket to the US. She duped and frustrated a promising young man.

While at IBATECH, the complainant lured the founder and principal of the college into a love relationship. While she was in the Gambia, they both made an arrangement to get married. Mr. Willie Fofanah the proprietor and principal of IBATECH traveled to Banjul to complete the marriage rites. They also had a follow up wedding in Freetown. Two months after her wedding and eventual return to Sierra Leone, she was up to her usual tricks of promiscuity and rip off from men. She has involved in several extra-marital relationships and had series of problems with her husband. A couple of months later, Mr. Fofanah travelled to the US and left Umu in the custody of his uncle. In the house of the uncle where she had a room she started bring boyfriends and eventually fall apart with the uncle. She moved to her mother’s house where six months ago, she physically assaulted and slapped her mother. Umu has accused over 3 men of rape and in all of these incidents; she has received financial benefit. These men are willing to testify in a court of law and tell Sierra Leoneans that she is a gold digger, a liar who cannot be trusted.

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