Investigation Compromised: IRON ROD PROBE “Dead on Arrival

Few weeks back, Police stormed several national establishments, namely NRA, Shipping Agency, Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, Ecobank and a few others in search of relevant documents relating to what could be described as Economic Crime they claimed that had been committed by some officials of these institutions.  Some very senior and junior officials of these institutions were arrested and charged to court. Some have been discharged, while others are still battling with the law to save their skins. Police had claimed that there are sufficient evidence to pin down these officials who are trying to free their necks from the legal chains, but that is not the case with some key suppliers of iron rods that have been craftily and steadily milking the state for their personal enrichment.

Revenues that the state of Sierra Leone and its people could have benefitted from have gone into the accounts of few individuals of Lebanese extraction currently resident in Sierra Leone and doing businesses. The case of iron rods investigation by the Police now seemed different, unlike what took place some few weeks back that saw a number of Sierra Leoneans detained for economic crime for over ten days at the Criminal Investigation and later charged to court.


Players allegedly involved in the iron rod syndicate, that billions of Leones is involved are not detained by police, but allowed to continue running their ill-gotten and criminal enterprises with flimsy excuses from police investigators that there are no sufficient evidence against the importers of the product named.

Mr. Hajj Fawaz of Fawaz Building Materials whose name was mentioned in the last publication of this medium has not categorically intimated this medium that he was not among those Lebanese traders invited to the criminal investigation Department, nor was he granted bail after interrogation. “The police should do their work” he said and added “I was not among them, because I do genuine business”

What could be seen as a defence against criminal indictment against Mr. Fawaz may be viewed by critical minds as a clear weakness on the part of the investigators to prove their case. With the flimsy excuses giving by Police, it is evidently clear that nothing substantial would come out of the investigation. It is like the American adage, “dead on arrival”.

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