MONEY PALAVA AT OGI as Titus Demands Le30 Million Share

It is evidently becoming clear that the Web Application contract at the Open Government Initiative (OGI) is becoming more of an embarrassment to officials of the establishment than a blessing. Those who think that the project was to enhance communication and information dissemination to the wider public may have been missing the point as some see it as a way of making money at the expense of the state as money paid for the project was scooped from the consolidated fund.

Following last week publication and the release of documentary evidence that bears the list of alleged names of beneficiary of the proceed, more revelations of how certain officials connected with the project have been making huge financial demands followed by threat if their demands are not met. This was not the focus of the establishment of the Web Application contract when the idea was conceived.

It was meant to promote government development agenda and create awareness both in and out of the country and how government is meeting its development objectives. Clearly, this has not the ambition of money-hungry officials. The sharing list published that comprised names of senior managers who allegedly benefitted from the OGI have reportedly been debunked by them, saying that they did not receive any money from proceeds paid to Lam-Tech Enterprises.

While these officials may have distanced themselves from the sharing list, documentary evidence has implicated a Mr. Titus Thompson who allegedly demanded Le30, 000.000 as part of his own share from money paid to Lam-Tech. Mr. Thompson has not treated issues relating to his own share lightly nor has he minced his words to demand for it and has vowed to use whatever means available in his possession to fight for it if what is due him is not paid to him for time and expertise put into the process.

To give and not to give is now the headache of Mr. Tamba Lamin, who has requested justification from Mr. Thompson for his own share. In this edition, email exchanges clearly speak for themselves and the tone of these exchanges points to the determination of the two individuals involved in the internet war for money. Tamba Lamin

To Mehgevao@yahoo.comFallah Lamin

Today at 1:13 PM

In one of Titus’s email, he said “LET ME REPEAT THAT WHATEVER HAPPENS, UNLESS I GET MY FULL SHARE AS AGREED, I WILL BRING THE UTMOST UMBRAGE ON YOU.” Please also note that, the letter to Public Procurement that has LE400 Million or more as cost of project was orchestrated by the same Titus and the signature on it may also have been falsified.

Another letter with the correct amount was submitted and approved. From my recollection, it was not something we agreed on and it was not one of the actions LAMTECH authorized him to perform. He was doing all that to proof the point that he has a role to play in the library project to justify further payments for himself. In the email conversation, you will see a mail from Titus, where he informed me that he and others are trying to put back a 30% discount LAMTECH gave to OGI on the library project. When I checked with the others he mentioned, they told me they were not aware of having such discussions with Titus.

The truth of this whole matter is that LAMTECH is not engaged in this OGI project to make money for ourselves. We are in it to help the OGI and the citizens of Sierra Leone and at the same time introduce our affordable, reliable and sustainable computer products in the Sierra Leone market. For your information, LAMTECH have donated free services to the following organizations and institutions within the past 3 years and all of this is to promote the fear use and access to information; •

Ministry of Youth Affairs (Computer and Website) • Society For Knowledge Management (Website and content) • Radio Viascity FM 100.6 (Website and content) • Holy Family Schools • COBA North America (Website and content) • Sierra Leone Gullah Heritage Association (Website and content) • Sierra Leonean Empowerment Network • Methodist Boys High School Global Network Initiative and MBHS (Website and content) • Prince of Wales Alumni Association (Website and content) •

Young Leaders Sierra Leone and many more. Corruption is not something we neither encourage nor take part in doing. We are against it and in the fight to eradicate it in our society. We are having this discussion today simply because we refuse to go the corrupt way. If we had agreed and worked with Mr. Titus as planned, you and the public would have never known the truth of his operations. Yes, the company is suppose to make a profit but will not make one from this project and we did not take it to make one. Myself and the MD of Aleutia Computers in UK traveled to Freetown in April 2013 and went all the way to Makeni on Independent Day to setup the prototype at OGI’s Makeni Office and present the concept during OGI’s parliamentary meeting at State House on April 30th. The LE200 Million budgeted for the project cannot even cover 100% of our cost so far for the project because the math is simple; Consider travel. hotel and other cost plus 12 computers, 4 servers, 4 21 inches Monitor/DVD/TV, 4 16 Port Networking switch, 4 Airtel Modems,4 3G Wireless Routers, 4 1000W Power Inverters and Chargers, 4 Solar Charge Controllers, 1600W Flexible Solar Modules and 1600AH Gel Solar Batteries, Software Installation, Computer and network setup, Copying all GoSL websites, maintenance and 1yr on-site labor and parts warranty. You will agree with me that the above will cost more than LE200 from any provider in Sierra Leone and outside. If there is any company in Sierra Leone or outside that you know of or can find that is ready and willing to do the same for the OGI at the same cost, we will transfer all our work to them and have they paid the same amount for the project. Think about the FOI bill just passed. This project is actually online with the FOI bill because it gives the public access to key government documents from within any OGI regional office. Laws, Project documents, Audit Services Reports and more. Everything available at online will be available offline for people in the provinces to access with internet access and dependent on national power. It’s all for the good of the country and us all” (Published verbatim)



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