…abuse of office and harassment

It is now no more a secret that the present crop of police officers under the administration of the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Francis Munu lacks courtesy and adequate police training and discipline. Almost every day, news about a police officer killing another police officer with a gun is reported, news about police officers in the traffic division receiving petty bribes from taxi drivers and some members of the public becomes a daily event. As if that is not enough, news about police officers beating to death a taxi driver or an Okada Rider on the pretext of not adhering to traffic rules and regulations occupy the front pages of the dailies in the country. Not a day passes-by without the police making uninteresting and unfortunate news stories which members of the public hate to read or see. But the society permits these unfortunate developments, especially when the hierarchy and command structure has become fatigue and interested in building individual fortunes at the detriment of a struggling population with scare resources.


It is not only those gun-toting police officers or those in uniforms that are guilty of terrorizing members of the public. Those in civilian attires may be the green snakes that are committing heinous crimes without being easily detected by the public. A case in point that could be categorized as police harassment and abuse of office is at present occupying the office of Superintendent Joseph Lahai who seems to be in a desperate mood, either in search of scare resources under the guise of contemporary policing or his objective is to settle old scores with a co. former employee, whilst he was a member of the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone.

Superintendent Lahai, behaving like a pathologist is about to “exhume” a case that had already been dead and buried and cleverly shifting the blame on a nameless High Court Judge, whom he claimed had instructed him to proffer criminal charges on a witness in a matter that the court may have disposed of some months back.

What Superintendent Lahai may have probably forgotten or shelved aside, because of his thirst either for money or determination to settle old scores is that on 26th April, 2013 he wrote a clean bill on Mr. Musa Justin Sepeh, a senior staff of the Central Medical Stores and bid him farewell to go home and take care of his family as investigation has completely excluded him from the theft that took place at the UNICEF Medical Stores at Kingtom.It was a case of Store Breaking and Larceny that was reported to the Criminal Investigation Department(CID), and the incident reportedly took place at the time when Mr. Justin Sepeh had already been transferred to another location. This piece of evidence was exhibited in the report prepared by Superintendent Lahai and based on his findings some individuals deemed as suspects were charged to court and Mr. Sepeh called upon to testify as a witness. What brought about the U-Turn this time round can only be responded to by Superintendent Lahai who is busy running after non criminals when criminals are scattered all over the city causing havoc on a daily basis. The conclusion may be simple to grasp, even without taking a journey back to history (Next edition)




26th April 2013


From:    The Head of Scientific Support Unit

To:                          The Head of Crime Management


Copy:                    The Deputy Head of Crime Management

“                              Operations Officer, C.I.D. Headquarter



A report on a case of store breaking and larceny C.I.D.C.R.No.194/2012


On 24/12/2012 a Central Medical Store Staff member and also Kingtom Medical Store Warehouse Storekeeper, Musa Justin Seppeh reported that on same date at about 1230 hrs he discovered that thief or thieves broke and entered into the aforementioned Warehouse and stole therein various medicaments all to the total value of 164,570.15 (one hundred and sixty- four thousand five hundred and seventy) United States of America Dollars.


On receipt of this report, a team of Police personnel including a Scene of Crime Officer visited the scene. At the scene, the damages to the Padlocks were observed and photographs of the entire scene obtained. The Padlocks were also observed to have   been skillfully drilled and let open by the Perpetrators. Also, all six padlocks to the two doors leading into the Warehouse were brought as exhibits.


On same date, complainant made statement and narrated how he made the discovery amidst other Central Medical Store staff members with whom he visited the store to carry out his supply assignment. He described how he entered the said store and found the stocks scattered all over the Warehouse floor. He recalled the 19/12/2012 as the last day he visited the store to supply the Bo Town Hospital Pharmacist with Free Health Care Medicaments before the unfaithful day. He fully explained how he conducted the supply and left the store under a tight lock and key acknowledged by the duty Guards.


Touching on his discovery on 24/12/2012, he narrated that, he was there purely to supply the PCMH Hospital Pharmacist with emergency Drugs that were needed during that Christmas vacation. He produced an inventory of the drugs he dished out on that ugly day, a document that tallied with that later produced by the receiving Pharmacist at the PCMH Hospital. On that day, he further went on, he discovered all six padlocks to the Warehouse to have been skillfully drilled and quantities of medicaments valued 164,570 US dollars missing. Relative to this finding, he informed his immediate Boss Mr. Jack Lansanah who advised him to report the matter to the police.


Based on this, the police brought in the available Day and Night Guards of the location for questioning. During the questioning exercise, the early shift commander, Dauda Saffa made voluntary caution statement, confessing to have discovered the defect on one lock, making an entry of the discovery in the location’s log book and informing his immediate boss France P. K Bundu about his discovery.


Francis P.K Bundu made a voluntary caution statement and confirmed this narration to be true but failed to visit the scene himself even though he informed the project manager and allegedly instructed the field supervisor, Sam Fatorma to reach the scene. The field Supervisor is presently on the run.


The Project manager made a voluntary caution statement confessing to have been informed on the same day of the discovery but failed to inform the employing authority (UNICEF) to mitigate the problem. He informed UNICEF on the 25/12/2012 after the damage had reached society.


The night shift guards namely: Michael Abdulai and Umaru Affigu Sumana made voluntary question statement denying knowledge of the theft incident and the drilling of the locks. The third night guard, Augustine Junior Kallon is presently on the run.


Other Actions Taken


  1. Statement obtained from the UNICEF country Representative about the employment of the AK AI security agency to provide security services at the said warehouse and the policy relating to the storage and distribution of the Free Health Care medicaments at the store. In his narration, he confirmed to have employed the security agency and that the keys to the warehouse are jointly controlled by Staff of the Central Media Stores (CMS), notably, Musa Justin Seppeh and the UNICEF staff member, an International staff who was out of the country during the period of mishappening.


  1. Statement was also obtained from the Director General Drugs and Medical Supplies. Pharm Bassie Turay with regards the policies of receiving, storage and distribution of the Free Health Care Medicaments. In his own narration, he confirmed Musa J. Seppeh as the CMS Store-Keeper of the Warehouse in question.  He also confirmed to have been informed about the incident.


  1. Statements were also obtained from the Bo Government and PCMH Hospital Pharmacists that received drug supplies from the warehouse during the time of the theft incident. Both Pharmacists produced inventories of what they actually received from the CMS Store-Keeper. These inventories tallied with those produced by the by the Supplier.


  1. Search Warrants were executed in Premises of all the suspects interviewed including the CMS Store-Keeper but nothing of police  interest discovered





  1. There was actual breakage at the warehouse as detected, reported and confessed by one of the early guards providing security services at the  said warehouse. This was also observed by the visiting scene of crime officials.
  2. The AKAL Security Agency Management knew about the breakage and theft of the medicament from the warehouse on 22/12 2012 but failed to take immediate action to mitigate the incident by not informing their employing Authority on the same dat. As such, the warehouse remained open until 24/12/2012 when the CMS store –keeper reached the store to carry out his usual supply of drugs to the PCMH Hospital Pharmacist. This was the day the damaged padlocks were replaced by new ones.
  3. All the Day and night time Guards knew about the unlocked situation of the warehouse; they can therefore not be exonerated from the theft incident between the night of the breakage and the day it was detected and the problem mitigated by  the CMS Store –keeper Musa Justin Seppeh .
  4. The supplies conducted by the CMS store –keeper, Musa Justin Seppeh tallied with records produced by the receiving officials from Bo and PCHM Government Hospitals.
  5.   The distance from the security post to the entrance of the warehouse is about twenty yards. It is therefore practically impossible for an outsider to carry out the breakage and the theft without being noticed by the daily guards.
  6. The following early guards Neneh Savege, Isatu Mansaray and Hassan Kamara are presently “on the run” Warrants of arrest had been put for them.
  7. The warehouse is not suitable for the storage of the medicaments.




  1. The AKAI Security Agency should be held responsible for the ugly incident as prescribed in the contract agreement
  2.  All the day  and night time guards within the time under investigation be charged to court for conspiracy, store breaking and larceny
  3. The AKAI Security agency be replaced with some other reliable security agency.
  4. The Operational Support Division (OSD) personnel should be engaged to provide security at the warehouse.

Faithfully Submitted

(Jospeh Lahai)SUPT.

Head of scientific support unit(Published verbatim)

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