What is keeping authorities at the Council of Legal Education of the Sierra Leone Law School away from looking into allegations of administrative irregularities and examination malpractices levied by some students of the School is not known. The irregularities amongst others have reportedly benefited some students who were recently called to the Bar. They were catapulted to earn the honourable license to practice the law profession at a Call Ceremony that was held late at night.

What is becoming very suspicious that has awaken the minds of the general public to the stark reality is the uncooperative posture adopted by the key stake holders of the Council of Legal Education to investigate the complaints of examination malpractices and administrative irregularities were made.

It was the genuine expectation of those who reported the malaise that authorities of the Council would have taken a swift action in a bid to restore the dignity of the School, but that never happened; instead it would appear that they have all agreed that the allegations are true and because of that they have refused to conduct investigation and have therefore maintained a remarkable silence” The aggrieved group of would-be Barristers opined.

It would be recalled that when the issue was raise, authorities promised the whistleblowers of looking into their concerns and possibly conduct an investigation to ascertain the veracity of their claims. It took several hours at a meeting to arrive at such conclusion, prior to the Call Ceremony which took place at night due to the prolonged meeting held between the whistleblowers and authorities of the Council of Legal Education. After the Ceremony, which they cannot cancel because of the issues of irregularities and examination malpractices raised, the promise of an investigation was abandoned and those who reported it became the victims.

“We are not saying that they should pass us, what we are saying is that for the credibility and reputation of the School the issues raised by us should be investigated and those found culpable brought to book for bringing the reputation of  the School into disrepute” President Umarr and Colleagues remarked.

A Cameroonian, who is part of the group, is now challenging information relating to fees for foreign students posted on the Law School Website. “What they posted as fees for foreign students is different from what they are receiving from us. On the Website they say is Three Thousand United States Dollars, but on the ground they are receiving Six Thousand Dollars from us, which is giving the wrong signal to our parents and guardians out there” He said.

‘We don’t want them to pass us, after they have pronounced us failed” They emphasized. What we are saying is that not even 70% of those called to the Bar passed successfully. In Commercial Law, they alleged not a single student passed and only one student scored over 30% when the pass mark is 50%, therefore; how come for those students to be called to the Bar?” they asked.

The credibility of key stakeholders of the Council of Legal Education is now hanging on a thin thread, and needs clarification to the public, since the institution is held in a very high esteem. Dodging and escaping explanation or refusal to conduct investigation as a way of defence will increase the suspicion of the general public, inclusive of parents and guardians whose children were recently called to the Bar for this year’s 2012/2013 professional license ceremony.

Another shocking revelation that should warrant an investigation into the claims made by the whistleblowers is that a female student did not sit to the Bar Exams, but was called and licensed to practice. This female student they alleged is in close proximity with a prominent member of the Law School. Her appearance at the ceremony and subsequent decoration with a professional license raised several questions, which is why the whistle blowers are calling for an investigation to know how some of those students found their way on the stage to receive confirmation as successfully gone through the Law School(Next edition)

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