KHADI FLIES ON APC “WINGS” TO CHINA: Fattens his pockets and keeps kitty dry

The name Mahmoud Khadi is not new to a number of Sierra Leoneans. This individual wearing the name manipulated the APC Government of Joseph Saidu Momoh and turned the National Diamond Mining Company (NDMC) in Kono to his personal property and succeeded in subjecting the economy of the country into a one man affair.

Feared by many ministers in the then Joseph Saidu Momoh APC Government and terrified the nation with expensive cars bought from the kitty of the country. Mr. Mahmoud Khadi was referred to by many as the “Chief Adviser” to the failed president who would be remembered as the constitutionally elected president of Sierra Leone who confessed to have failed the people of this country, but did not resign his job. He hung on to it until he was kicked out of political power by a group of inexperienced military boys in 1992.

The late president’s failure to manage the affairs of the State of Sierra Leone could be attributed to a number of issues and among them could be connected to his relationship to individuals like Mr. Mahmoud Khadi who was referred to by many as the defacto president at the time. Extravagant spending and manipulation in the award of government contracts from military hardware to medical, most of which he did not perform, but unfortunately collected money from the kitty of the State with the aid of ex-president Momoh and ministers who saw him as the individual capable of protecting his retirement.

His assumption did not only fail him, but landed him in trouble when he became a suffering refugee in Neighboring Guinea. He languished in Guinea until he was called upon to take his final rest in the world beyond. During his struggle in Neighboring Guinea, Mahmoud Khadi was entertaining himself in the United Kingdom from resources he had cleverly generated and secured for himself. His relocation and resettlement in the United Kingdom during the era of the military was with great disappointment as he was unable to count his financial success and take stock of his bank accounts, which had almost dried up. In the same view, the SLPP era of ex-president Tejan Kabbah did not bring him any fortune as he saw the ground for making money and free spending very hostile and unpredictable. His hope of returning home was restored in 2007 when he learnt that the APC has bounced back and assumed the reins of power. Quickly, he packed his luggage and returned to the country where he was sure of making money. Since his return, Mr. Mahmoud Khadi has been steadily and comfortably milking the country, aided by some top APC ministers to the detriment of the State. He first demanded all payments due his foreign business partner who supplied arms and ammunition to the NPRC, used for the persecution of the war. It would be recalled that when Mr. Zeev Mongenstu took the matter to both the High Court and Court of Appeal, demanding payments, ex-president Ahmad Tejan Kabbah used his executive power and put a hold on the payments as he noticed through personal investigation conducted by him that there were some frauds perpetuated and wrapped in the alleged supplies of arms and ammunition. Ex president Kabbah put the State of Sierra Leone first and refused to honour payments. Money running into millions of dollars was the initial amount Mr. Mahmoud Khadi grabbed from the State of Sierra Leone, claiming that his business partner Mr. Serge Muller has authorized him to collect all payments due him from the Government of Sierra Leone for the supply of arms and ammunition used during the war. Till date, Mr. Mahmoud Khadi is receiving money quarterly from the APC Government, which is paid into his Union Trust Bank Account. Conveniently, he has infiltrated almost all Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA’s) with fictitious contract proposals that are earning him millions of Leones and Dollars. The Sierra Leone police are indebted to him for supplying used vehicles including a riot control water pumping vehicle that is not functional and currently parked at the OSD Compound in Brook fields. The rampant and irresponsible use of fire arms by police personnel is part of consignment of goods supplied to the police from China by Mr. Mahmoud Khadi. These goods report states were never tested and proven durable, but with strong political and business connections at the Police Headquarters and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mr. Mahmoud Khadi has got a field day in replenishing his worn out and dilapidated bank account. A trip to China last Friday was being spearheaded by him. Sources at the Ministry of Finance have explained that the trip is to establish contacts with a Company in China that is producing buses for third world countries and it is strongly believed that he has an interest in it. The delegation comprised the Minister of Finance, Dr. Kelfala Marrah, Minister of Transport and Aviation, Mr. Balogun Koroma, the General Manager of the Sierra Leone Road Transport Co, operation (SLRTC), Mr. Bockarie Lewis Kamara and the wheeler Dealer businessman Mr. Mahmoud Khadi and his son Bilal Khadi(See next edition

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