Mr. Mahmoud Khadi, one of Sierra Leone’s underground businessmen whose focus is how to grab as much as he is able under the current APC administration of President Ernest Bai Koroma is a very determined man. His determination is to recover what he thought he may have lost during his absence in the country when ex-president Momoh, his mentor was kicked out of the political seat at State House.

Without any remorse, he is up again with his usual tricks of milking the country for his personal enrichment. This selfish attitude he promoted during the Joseph Saidu Momoh era that contributed to the unpopularity of the former APC administration.

His self seeking ambition to get rich at all cost has caused the deaths of several Sierra Leoneans who are innocently paying the cost. It would be recalled that prior to the 2012 presidential and parliamentary elections the main Opposition party, SLPP raised very serious concerns over the importation of arms and ammunition into the country, especially at the time when the general elections were approaching. The police in response to the concern raised by the Opposition downplayed its significance. Recent post election developments involving the rampant use of arms and ammunition by the police has lend credence and giving justification to the serious concern raised by the highly focused group of members of the Opposition party.

What some members of the Opposition may not be aware about is the identity of the importer of the arms and ammunition that some police officers are now using to indiscriminately killed Sierra Leoneans for the past couple of months.

As one of the primary sources of the unpopularity of the then APC Government under the late Joseph Saidu Momoh,s administration, it is now evidently clear that if this indiscriminate and irresponsible trend continue, the current APC administration under the leadership of Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma may also become a victim of unpopularity as long the proximity and relationship between Mr. Mahmoud Khadi and the Government continue to exist.

The importation of Chinese goods to Sierra Leone ranging from arms and ammunition to riot vehicles have been the major business of Mr. Mahamoud Khadi since his return to the country. Sources at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development have intimated this medium that the current Government is indebted to him to the tune of millions of dollars for these goods. What  is also a serious concern to many Sierra Leoneans is the absolute dominance and manipulation of arms and ammunition supply by one individual, whose ambition is to milk the country dry and deposit his fortune into his foreign bank account in the United Kingdom.

With huge financial debt on the shoulders of the Sierra Leone Government, Mr. Mahmoud Khadi has turned his attention to another area, he considered lucrative that can earn him huge and quick bucks. He may have succeeded in buying over most Government Ministers and Heads of Parastatals, which has probably made it impossible for them to resist his demand to supply Chinese products at exorbitant contract prices.

For him to go through the tender exercise and compete with other Sierra Leoneans is a taboo, but that does not make him a loser. On the contrary, he has been the lucky winner of huge Government deals almost in every succeeding month in the Calendar.

In the Sierra Leone Police, he is the biggest supplier of bullets for Sierra Leoneans and hardware such as Chinese vehicles. At the Sierra Leone Road Transport Co,operation (SLRTC) he has endeavored to bring into his fold the General Manager, Mr. Bockarie Lewis Kamara and the Minister of Transport and Aviation, Mr. Balogun Koroma.

If the current deal goes through as envisaged by him the country would be flooded with Chinese buses that cannot withstand the test of time due to their poor quality and durability. He has however succeeded in pushing a government delegation including the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr Kelfalla Marrah to China to conduct an inspection on the buses he intends to flood the country with and if possible sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Company that he has established business relationship with. “This is how Mr. Mahmoud Khadi is helping the Ernest Bai Koroma APC Government to grow and be appreciated by the people, a similar way he helped the Momoh Government” A Senior Government Official at the Ministry of Finance had this to say about him.

Few months back, report alleges that he bought a vehicle for the wife of a Government Minister whose ministry is responsible for the Internal Security of the State. (Name of the Government Minister withheld for now). In our next edition, the debate as to why Government is paying money into the Allied Account of Mr. Mahmoud Khadi at the Union Trust Bank for arms and ammunition that was supplied to the NPRC and payment refused to be honored by the SLPP led Tejan Kabbah Government.

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