Mr. Mahmoud Khadi has proven himself a smart and crafty afro-Sierra Leonean. He is using every available method at his disposure to scoop money from the APC Government of yester years and now. Claiming to be agent for Chinese Companies and Serge Muller and with strong ties at the Ministry of Finance, he is sure of scooping more money any time he chooses to do so.


He comfortably worked with Dr. Samura Kamara when he was Minister of Finance and Economic Planning and was able to secure huge sums of money into his bank account, both in Sierra Leone and the United Kingdom. The unfolding drama is that, when Sierra Leoneans thought that he had not collected a cent from the SLPP as payment for arms and ammunition supplied to the then NPRC and SLPP Government on behalf of his Jewish boss, Serge Muller, documentary evidence available with this medium has revealed that two payments were made to him through the Central Bank at the time when Dr. J.D.Rogers was Governor of the Bank.

Mr. Mahmoud Khadi quietly sneaked into the country and used the services of a local legal practitioner who prepared some fictitious documents for him and collected money from the SLPP Government.

After receiving two payments from the SLPP Government, he used the former Finance Minister who is one of his close allies to collect money from the APC Government for the same goods that he had already been paid for.

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