D&S Associates may have caused the predicament of four officials of the Sierra Leone Government attached to Ministry of Energy and Power. Since the advent of the APC Ernest Bai Koroma political party into the governance hierarchy of the state, it has been battling and grappling with the reality of adequate power supply to residents of the Country. It started with the Afsiatu Kabbah era and switched over to Professor Ogunada with bitter taste. Revelations, after the Afsiatu Kabbah era still linger in the memories of Sierra Leoneans, especially when the refusal of the World Bank was mentioned as not ready to continue with the power project.

It dragged on for some time until solutions were sought out and the power project kicked off afresh. Reasons for professor Ogunada’s sacking was not publicly made, instead rumours had it that the University Professor had engaged in a “collision” which was embarrassing to the Government and one way of solving it was to sack him, since he caused it to happen. The solar light project was reportedly the source of his sacking from the office of Minister of Energy and Power back to the Classroom. After the Ogunada era, came in Oluni Coker who was initially one of the State House Gate keepers.

The replacement on the tribal card was accepted by the minority group that had long perceived themselves as not been allowed to play key and significant role in the Ernest Bai Koroma Government. The happiness disappeared on Monday evening when a Press Release was issued out from the seat of political power at State House that four of them have been fired. The release was coined in a way to save the face of the ruling Government. Most of what the public was expecting to come out from the release did not appear or happened. Instead, it states that they were incompetent in handling the Energy Sector of the Country, but not what happened at the Presidential Lodge in front of President Koroma that culminated to the decision of sending all of them away with the description that they are incompetent to handle the energy issue.

The meeting with their boss at the Presidential Lodge was not anything fruitful, but one that saw Minister Coker and his Deputy Bash Kamara undressing each other and reporting verbally how they were getting kickbacks from the numerous Energy Contracts with some of the Contractors.

D&S Associates is one of the Companies that has benefitted financially from the Energy Contracts in the Country. The Government through the Ministry of Energy and Power has awarded this Company numerous contracts to provide Thermal Machines for Lungi, Kono and Lunsar. Evidently, the quality of Machines provided by D&S Associates in all of the contracts awarded has been a disgrace. The Machines are reportedly sub-standard and performing very poorly in all of the regions, causing more losses to the Government than envisaged. Owners of D&S Associates have reportedly been paid money from the consolidated fund for supplying sub-standard Machines.

Additionally, it became very explicit that both the Minister and his Deputy were interested in lining their pockets than putting the Country first and right thing in place.

In Bo, where US Diversify claimed to have been awarded an Energy Project for twenty years, Minister Coker was also having a special interest in a particular Company that he wanted the contract to be awarded to, whilst his Deputy Bash Kamara was in support of US Diversify. The Bo Energy contract brought disagreement between the two Ministers, which witnessed a cold war between the two Government appointees no more seeing eye-to-eye with each.

When called upon to the Presidential Lodge to explain who signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) and why the D&S Associates Energy Contract has become an embarrassment to the Government, both individuals were reportedly telling the President who received kickbacks for which project and who signed without consulting the appropriate authorities.

Among the four of them that received the Presidential shot were the Minister of Energy and Power, Oluni Coker, his Deputy, Bash Kamara, Permanent Secretary, Alhaji Bani- yillah Sesay and the outlived Managing Director, Dr. Zubairu Kalokoh. Public opinions relating to the sacking of these officials were mixed, whilst some sections of the public endorsed the action of the President, other sections are saying that the legal adviser, Mr. Kellie should not be left out as he plays key role in the Ministry and very well aufait with all contracts awarded to contractors. “He is an insider and a key participant of all that had been taking place so for him to escape the President shot is a case of selective justice” Opined a Member of the NPA Management Team. Despite, he was not present at the meeting where the Ministers were undressing each other and telling the President about kickbacks, but his role as a legal adviser at the National Power Authority (NPA) makes him culpable, therefore he should be shown the exit door and all of them including the contractors be handed over to the Anti Corruption Commission for further investigations.

It is not known whether a Company called Blue fair that was recently lobbying the Minister of Energy and Power and some officials at the Ministry of Finance to take over the Energy Sector formed part of the revelations to the President. How this Company had allegedly spent about US$500,000.00 to pave its way was probably not mentioned to President Koroma during the discussion

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