24yr-Old Valentine Victim Bids Farewell

…no more disappointment

By Abu Bakarr Kargbo

 The Police in Makeni are currently investigating the circumstances that led to the death of 24-year-old Jariatu Mummy Kamara of 10 Sanda Street, Makeni. Onlookers and relatives of the late Jariatu Kamara were perturbed to learn about the sad episode, which apparently was caused by disillusionment by her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Report alleges that Mummy as she is fondly called had invited friends to her residence to explain how she was dumped on Valentine’s Day. One of her close friends was also called on the phone by the late lady on Saturday 15th February 2014 to explain her predicament. But it did not end in a telephone conversation or mere report. Jariatu Mummy Kamara did what was least expected to have been done by a sane person. Suicide, she thought was the solution to her disappointment. “She told me that her boy friend promised to give her some money and to spend the Valentine Day with her,” she explained. Jariatu was not able to subdue what she saw, nor was she prepared to live with it for fear that she would be mocked and provoked by her friends. “I called for you to know that am dying, please come to my house,” Jariatu was quoted to have said.

Remains of late Jariatu Mommie Kamara been examined by police and medics

Remains of late Jariatu Mommie Kamara been examined by police and medics

She was last seen with an insecticide called ‘Furanda’, which is used to kill bed bugs. Though she could not explain the reason for buying the substance, but it was learnt that she drank chemical at the time when relatives staying with her in the same house had gone to witness the Laying Out Ceremony of the late Lawyer Serry Kamal at the Makeni City Council Hall on Saturday prior to burial the next day, which was on Sunday.

The Makeni Police has told this press that they are yet to identify the boyfriend of the late Jariatu Mummy Kamara.

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