Architect turns diplomat

On Wednesday evening this week, President Ernest Bai Koroma flicked over his notes and selected seven names to serve in prominent positions in the Country. The names of those seven candidates were least expected by the public to be appointed to various national positions. This is due to the fact that most of them are professionals in their respective fields and have been taking the back seat in politics.


But President Ernest Bai Koroma knowing the relevance in mix- matching various professionals to produce what he wanted to be admired by both the international and local communities dug and dived to get them out of their holes to serve the country; not only in their conservative professional positions, but also nationally. Some of those nominees he had taught at the St Francis Secondary School in Makeni, when he was a School Teacher, while others had been his close friends and knows their output, appetite and enthusiasm in accomplishing tasks with excellent grades.

When the news broke out on Wednesday night that President Koroma had selected seven names from his long list of Candidates for possible national assignments and conveyed that piece of information to the Sierra Leone Broadcasting C,operation (SLBC) to be made public for scrutiny, it was received with spontaneous approval.

Up to press time, random interviews conducted by this medium about the seven individuals appointed have produced positive results except for few comments made against certain individuals, but these comments are not sarcastic or raw that would warrant a change of mind by President Koroma to overturn his decision.

The seven Sierra Leoneans appointed to various positions are, Alie Fornah for the position of Chairman of the newly constituted National Pharmaceuticals Procurement Unit(NPPU), Siray Timbo as Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates popularly known as Dubai, Val Collier of the Public Service Commission(PSC), moved to the newly formed Independent Police Complaints Board as Chairman, Legacy Sankoh, Chairman of NaCSA Board, Alice Onomake, Managing Director of the Reliance Insurance Trust Cooperation(RITCOPR), appointed as Chairman of the Sierratel Board, the Country’s biggest and largest Telecommunication Company, Kumba Momoh appointed as Deputy Ambassador to China and Max Amadu Sesay, Chairman, Public Service Commission replacing Val Collier.

The appointment that triggered the nation with smiles and high approval rating is that, which has to do with the appointment of Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). Over the years past Government had never included on their lists of Ambassadors and High Commissioners the United Arab Emirates. Sierra Leone being receptive and practicing democracy  has thought is relevant under the new dispensation of President Ernest Bai Koroma to bring all shades of individuals into the development train of the Country. The Arab World since the advent of the current administration has been making consideration input into the Country’s development package and the appointment of Siray Timbo as Ambassador to this oil rich region has been widely endorsed by many as a step in the right direction. The appointment, they say would give confidence to the Leaders of the Country that the Government and people of Sierra Leone have considered them as an integral part in the socio-economic and political development of Sierra Leone.

Not only that, it would also attract more development packages to the Country as the United Arab Emirates(Dubai) is one of the most wealthy nation-state in the World with vast oil production, lucrative market centres, tourist destination and more.

These facilities are going to be at the disposal of the newly appointed Ambassador when he assumes office to tap and export to his country of birth.

Siray Timbo’s assignment is not one of envy, but one that should possess a patriotic mind, which can be utilized for the general good of his people and the Country. It is not known when he would take up his new assignment. According to sources at the Foreign Affairs Office, a document containing details about him would be sent to the Foreign Office of that Country for approval, prior to him taking up his new assignment.

He is no stranger to authorities at the United Arab Emirates, as he was fondly referred to as the “Roving Ambassador” who has developed passion for the Arab World,  especially for  Dubai where he most of the time rubs shoulders with citizens of the Country. He is an Architect by profession with a Master Degree in Architectural Drawing and Design. He has a wealth of experience in his field both locally and internationally.

The Chairman of the National Pharmaceuticals Procurement Unit, Alie Fornah is now afforded the privilege to learn about both old drugs in the market and Manufacturing Companies, while Val Collier will practice the Police language.

Alice Onomake will be introduced to the Communication field and learn how signals are transmitted from one cell pole to another. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) policy and the change from analog system to digital in 2014/15 will be the new lesson for her. The completion of the Land Line by Sierratel and the post landing fiber operation will be her new assignment and more to be accomplished during her tenure. Max Amadu Sesay, as Chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC) will have to bring in innovations that are competitive in contemporary Civil Service that will transform the Country’s Civil Service to an enviable entity, while Legacy Sankoh’s initial task is to accomplish the reparation and payment of all backlogs to those that should benefit from it.

Among the appointees, Kumba Momoh, Ambassador Victor Foe’s Deputy will have the opportunity of learning the Chinese Culture and how the good part of it can be transferred to Sierra Leone. Her boss Victor Foe will introduce her to different sites in the Country and more important the Tiananmen Square, where many Chinese Citizens were killed cold bloodedly. Many lessons to learn and many experiences to gain in China.


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