Addax Bioebergy discusses land ownership with stakeholders in Makeni

By Abu Bakarr Kargbo

As the stage is now set to kickstart operations, Addax Bioenergy Limited has not relented in bringing community members on board to discuss issues that will ensure a successful investment and find solution to challenges. One of the largest stakeholders meeting was held on Thursday 13th March 2014 at the Wusum Hotel conference hall in Makeni City.


The meeting attracted a a good number of personalities and was focused on land ownership and related matters.

John Moult, General Manager of Addax Bio-energy Sierra Leone Limited in addressing the well-attended meeting noted that the purpose was to complement the bond or legal agreement between the land owners and Addax, in order to update each other of ongoing operations and activities of Addax within the various chiefdoms and villages.

The General Manager went further to explain that Addax has been working hand-in-glove with land owners, chiefdom council members, Paramount Chiefs and other stakeholders since the company started its sugar cane plantations in areas such as Mabilafu, Mala Mara chiefdom, amongst others in the northern part of the country.

He informed his audience that the forum was also to discuss the welfare of residents and the way forward for the betterment of their respective environments, noting that Addax is very concerned over the status of the people living in the areas they operate.

He added that Addax Bio-energy Sierra Leone Limited (ABSL) would keep on informing the land owners and the general public on the company’s activities with regard the leasing of lands from the residents. He cited ABSL land use, final estate boundary land requirements, consequences for villages and village land boundary survey-disputes and land disputes, consequences of relinquishments, financial consequences for surface rents for lease of lands and acknowledgement of agreements amongst others relevant issues.

Rev. Joseph AlimamyTuray, Daniel Koroma and other representatives of Addax Bio-energy Sierra Leone were very mindful of statements regarding living standards of community residents within their operational sites, particularly as they are employing Sierra Leoneans residing within the various communities of sugar cane plantations which they normally transform or process into fuel.

Abu Tholley of Makari Chiefdom, Yankasa section in Bombalili District spoke on behalf of the villagers. He expressed his satisfaction over the leasing of community lands for a period of fifty years subject to amendments on a daily basis. He used the opportunity to commend Addax for boosting the living standards of the people in this part of the country.


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