Sierra Leone’s image in Benin: Concern citizen writes Foreign Affairs

Sierra Leone’s image in Benin: Concern citizen writes Foreign Affairs


The Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Corporation

Tower Hill



Dear Sir/Madam,

In the past few years, Mr. Abdallah NEHME carried the title of Sierra Leone diplomat here in Benin, he had the position of Commercial attaché besides being the Honorary Consul for the same Country for which he was issued a diplomatic card that he just renewed in addition of his consular card on behalf of the Republic of Sierra Leone. For more precision, Mr. Abdallah NEHME carried Multiple Citizenship in addition to his Lebanese Nationality and origin; he carries also Beninese and Sierra Leone Citizenships.

Behind abusing of this quality as a Diplomat, Sir Abdallah NEHME wrongly deceived the vigilance of Beninese authorities and adopted suspicious practices that ruin the interest of the peaceful traders and investors who operate with transparency and consistency in the country.

Moreover, the Consulate and the Office of the Embassy of Sierra Leone here in Benin are confused and paradoxically are driven by the interested, who is also the owner of the building that houses both Offices.

Furthermore, Mr. Abdallah NEHME often uses these locations (offices) for the purposes of his own business. Mr. Minister kindly note that point 3 of Article 41 of the Vienna Convention of 1961 on Diplomatic relations “prohibits using the premises of the mission in any manner incompatible with the functions of the mission”.

Therefore, he is creating some confusion between his Official acts as an Honorary Consul and his own business, which is a violation of Article 42 of the Vienna Convention of 1961 on Diplomatic Relations , which also states that ”A diplomatic agent shall not in the receiving State practice for personal profit any professional or commercial activity.” We are just wondering if the embassy of Sierra Leone in Nigeria, which is responsible of Sierra Leone Consulate in Benin, is aware of the practices carried out by Mr. Abdallah NEHME, or knows about the double privileges he has as a Honorary Consul and Commercial Attaché, which can be considered as a violation of Vienna convention on Diplomatic Relations as mentioned above.

Also, Mr. Abdallah NEHME uses fraudulence maneuvers to attract contracts, with domestic and foreign traders, when he never fulfilled the terms for such contracts.

The worst thing is that he manages to make the prosecution they have exercised issued against him, before the courts, long and perilous for its contractors.

Eventually, he completely disrupts the activities of these traders who are in a complete inability to honor their commitments to their suppliers and financial partners and in turn, have not ceased to revive claim their dues severely.

Besides to all of this, I would like to refer to the complaints filed against him by Mr. URBAIN Karim ELLISIO da Silva.

Because of his status as Sierra Leonean consul, Mr. URBAIN Karim ELLISIO da Silva was convinced to give him a building lease in 2003, in fulfillment of this contract; Sir Abdallah NEHME still owes certain amount of that contract.

Mr. Abdallah NEHME used duplicated check bank to wrest the court, and reducing the amount, this move enabled him artificially to inflate the partial refund made to the complainant.

It is a fraud to justice and a bank forgery, bank alteration effect has worn prejudice to Mr. URBAIN Karim ELLISIO da Silva provisionally valued at 40 million CFA francs.

A complaint was sent to the Commissioner of Police Interpol since March 3, 2014, suggesting that this letter is urgent. Sir Abdallah NEHME being frequently absent and had to have the status of alleged diplomat and trade commercial where there are serious doubts.

However, all evidences on the alleged complaints are available, and can be issued to the concerned parties for fair prosecution.

By a Concern Resident Citizen of Benin