…“Underdevelopment is our benefit”

By Pat kawa in Bo

The Kono District has been referred to as the most under-developed in the country, despite the number of political players in the current administration, which included the Vice President,  Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana, Mrs. Kadie Sam Sumana,  1st  Lady Mrs. Sia Koroma,Minister  Balogun Koroma of the  Transport and Aviation Ministry, among others  that hail from the District.


Many aggrieved descendants of the District have expressed their disappointment over the snail pace at which   development is seen taking place.  Tamba  Gborie  of  Kainkondu   Road,  Koidu Town is a Resident and Citizen of the Kono District, he said   though   the ruling   APC Party  scored significant votes in the  November  2012  General  Elections,  there is nothing  substantial to point figure at, showing the gratification of the party to the Konos.

Tamba  Gborie  further  explained  that  the   shadow  of the  11- year brutal war  in that   part  of the   country   is still  felt and seen  in the  District,   evidenced  by the  level  of  destructions  that  are still  visible  in Koidu  and other   areas   in the  District such as  Yengema,  Lebanon,  Kouquima, Bumpeh  Towns   and  other Villages  that  were  once   diamondiferous zones in the District.

He  explained that the solar lights   that were provided for Koidu Town were  distributed  to areas  that  stake holders  of the District are  interested, whilst other   major and important  roads  and streets are left in total  darkness.  Tamba Gborie     referred to the Solar light installation in Koidu as “cosmetic decoration.”  Water   shortage   has remained   acute   in the District, especially in Koidu Town where many residents are forced to trek endless distances in search of water for domestic and other uses. Chiefdom, such as Nimikoro that has pipe born water facility was accomplished through the initiative of some   nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) including World Vision Sierra Leone.

John Lebbie, a diamond miner  has informed this medium  that the  main roads  and streets  within  Koidu Town   have become an eye sore to visitors and inhabitants of the District, stating  that it  is a disgrace and embarrassment  to the  Vice President, Chief Samuel Sam Sumana,  1st lady Mrs. Sia Koroma, Mrs. Kadie Sam Sumana,Balogun Koroma  and other    key Government Officials from the District in the APC   Administration.  The   slow  pace  at which  the Road Construction is ongoing  in the   township of Koidu is appalling and provocative, thus  describing  the District   as the  most   underdeveloped  in the  Country  compared  to Districts in the Southeast and Northern Provinces where developments are flourishing.  He expressed their disgust at the deplorable situation they have continued to live in as if they have no right to decent lives and improved District in the Country.

Mr. Lebbie said Kono District has been marginalised and deprived from Basic and social rights as a result of greed and selfishness by the authorities concern.  Most residents of the District are dying of diarrhoea and other diseases as a result of poor condition and depravation. The Konos, he said are very concerned about the future of both current and unborn generations. Koidu Town lacks toilet   facility, recreation centres, Post Office and even the Konomani Park cannot boast of a single toilet facility.

John Lebbie further expressed his disappointment over the Vice President and other key political players in the District stating that apart from the poor road and hopeless sanitary facilities, the cost of living and unemployment has taken a toll on the lives of many people. Most   of the  Citizens  in Koidu  are now  living   in fear  as a result  of the  dangerous type of mining activities taking  place  by the  London  Mining Company. John Lebbie disclosed that over One Thousand People have been displaced from Saquee Town and other areas in the Township where mining activities are ongoing, including the UMC Girls Secondary and Primary schools.  Sources disclosed that both the Tankoro Police station and some sections of Tankoro have been eye marked for mining operations to commence.

It is now evident that if those burning issues are not addressed by the Government, there is every likelihood that the District will be plunged into further deplorable condition

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