Performance Contract Results Out: EPA, NRA, Water Resources lead as None for Finance &Education

The 2013 Performance Contract Report has surfaced to some curious minded members of the Sierra Leone Public who are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the assessment.

Yesterday, the front view of the seat of political power (State House) was the scene of Government Vehicles and also those of top Civil Servants and Heads of Parastatals. The vehicles  line-up impatiently awaiting the return of their owners as they assembled at State House uncomfortably waiting to hear the results their  performances  over the year under the APC Ernest Bai Koroma Administration.


To those who are failures, since the introduction of the administrative style of Governance by President Ernest Bai Koroma it was a matter of business as usual and looks forward to what the coming days would bring for them. Whether they would involuntarily changed offices with other serious minded and hard working Sierra Leoneans who are currently nursing courage in the Labour Market to join the Governance wagon or be giving another chance will be the decision of their Employer.

From 9AM to 11AM Cars, Jeeps and other sophiscated vehicles had occupied the main streets in front of State House and Government Officials including Ministers seen descending from their vehicles neatly dressed with files under their armpit entering the main Gate through the Security Post to respond to the invitation of President Koroma. It is no different from the last day of School, when pupils would assemble on their school ground to receive their report cards from their teachers.

From their faces, the message was evident that some did not make it, whilst others left the building and entered their cars with smiles and determination to do more next time.

Those who scored poor grades were heard giving excuses and scapegoatizing their Permanent Secretaries and pointing accusing fingers at them as being responsible for their poor performance.

Conspicuously, the Ministries of Finance and Education had failed to submit reports for assessment and as a result could not be assessed for the year 2013.

On the list of Tertiary, Commissions and Councils, there was significant improvement made by the following Establishments, namely the National Revenue Authority(NRA), Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), Water Resources, (National Commission for Social Action (NACSA) and Makeni Town Council took the lead.

Last assessment, 2012, the National Revenue Authority(NRA) came 2nd  in the Performance Contract Assessment and in 2013 it has again occupied the 2nd Among the Councils, Kenema, Kailahun and Kono preferred the last position including the Sierra Leone Road Transport Corporation (SLRTC). The Bo and Bonthe City Councils occupied the 2nd position on the list, whilst others are proud to occupy 3rd, 4th, and 5th positions.  Njala University College, despite what may have been described as the unfortunate days in the administration but proudly occupied the 2nd position together with the Eastern Polytechnic. The Ministry of Defence also won the 2nd position whilst SALWACO and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation clinched the 3rd position.

The Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA) moved from its 25th place out of 26th in 2012 to 9th in 2013.

Since the introduction of the Performance Contract Ratings it has only been restricted to State House. Members of the public, though applauded the concept has not been giving the opportunity to make any input by way of assessing Government Officials.

Many Sierra Leoneans whose mandate that Ministers, top Civil Servants and the President are enjoying have criticized the exercise, saying that though it is a novelty in the political administration of the State, however; inputs should also come from members of the public as they are the beneficiaries of good governance and sufferers of bad governance, therefore it is significant for them to assess those in high offices and not State House alone.

It is not known whether the concerns of members of the public would sink deep and be involved in the 2014 ratings or President Koroma will continue to maintain the status quo.

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