Mr. Saidu Bangura should have been in Somalia by now, but his ghost is already there in a state of regret. Had he known that he would be in one of the Country’s Mortuary by now or been buried he would not have attempted inviting his ex-girl friend Fatmata Tucker to his Guesthouse Room. The late Saidu Bangura should have left the Shores of Sierra Leone Sunday, but his quest for a one-night love making with an ex-lover collapsed his plan and saw him in a pool of blood with a butchered throat at the Suffian Guest House at Lungi.

The late Saidu Bangura was an employee of the Africell Mobile Company and recruited by one of the Senior Workers of the Phone Company to proceed to Somalia to work. He was in Somalia when he reportedly decided to come home for a brief visit. Reports alleged that while in that country he got married to a Somalis and the news filtered to Fatmata Tucker who had since sever relationship with him. In Sierra Leone, he reportedly contacted his ex-lover and invited her to the Suffian Guesthouse where he was passing the night for his flight the next day. Fatmata who had allegedly nursed grudge for her ex-boyfriend responded positively to the invitation with pre-meditated action embedded in her mind. She was going to teach the late Saidu Bangura an unforgettable lesson that he would not be able to recount to friends and relatives.

Saidu Bangura before and after his death

Saidu Bangura before and after his death

Behind closed doors in a room at the Suffian Guest House, they tried to mend the ugly past and look forward to the future, but that was not the desire of Fatmata Tucker, but how to treat him brutally, a lesson he would not live to tell. Drinks were bought from the Guest House Bar followed by some sweet love exchanges and be by-gone of the past. The late Saidu Bangura became intoxicated with alcohol, after he had accomplished his “zenith”

Police at the Lungi Station are asking where Fatmata secured the weapon that she allegedly used to pierce the throat of her ex-boyfriend. Whether she came into the Guest House with the weapon that has forensically been proven to be a knife or got it from the kitchen or room that she passed the night with the late Saidu Bangura. At the moment, she has maintained seal lips, pretending to be unconscious or has found herself in another world.

At around 4 AM Sunday Morning Fatmata Tucker rushed out of the Guest House after she had committed the heinous crime and wanted to escape from the bloody scene, being conscious of what she had allegedly committed, but was met by a Security Officer who was employed by the owners of the Guest House and assigned to the main Gates. When enquired by the Guard as to where she was going at the odd hours of the morning she allegedly replied “I am finished with him” and on a close watch she was spotted with blood on her hands and some portions of her dress. The scene threw the Guard into panic and shouted for help while the Gates to the main entrance of the Guest House still remain closed. Fortunately, the assistance the Guard shouted for materialized immediately.

Fatmata Tucker in handcuff

Fatmata Tucker in handcuff

Other Guards appeared at the scene an alarm was raised which caused the curious minds to check the room that the late Saidu Bangura had booked and slept in. The scene was bloody and dreadful, which prompted the owners to immediately call in the Police.  Fatmata Tucker was   arrested and taking away to the Station. When examined she was spotted in blood, but no weapon discovered in her person. She pretended to be unconscious and was taking to the Lungi Hospital where she is receiving treatment with handcuff tied to her bedside. The matter is under investigation, while the remains of Saidu Bangura is at the Mortuary.


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