…pursues revenge and jungle style

It is no surprise that Dr. Sarah Bendu, the Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Roads Transport Authority (SLRTA), who narrowly escaped the consequences for being allegedly corrupt through strong and tireless lobbying strategies at the Appellate Court has taken her fight to the Law Officers Department, against the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, the Principal Legal Adviser to the Government of Sierra Leone.

Being infuriated and desperate to see the backs of three Senior Officials of the Management of her establishment she claimed were involved in fraud and forgery in travel perdiems, she now knows no boundary and limitation to her desperation.

Disrespect for State Authorities and some members of the Board based on her conviction that she is strongly connected to the current political governance of the state has positioned her  to perceive herself as one of the untouchables of the State.

According to an insider at the Anti Corruption Commission, the elasticity of freedom from arrest and possible prosecution of corruption related activities perpetuated by some top Senior Members of Management in the award of contracts to certain close allies allegedly of the Executive Director, and some Members of the Board is not accorded with blind eyes by the Commission, but closely monitoring the situation as the Commission would not want to be defeated for the second time. “We are very aware about her maladministration and conflict of interest in several administrative activities, namely the award of certain consultancy contracts that are indirectly done to divert the attention of employees and make them believe that proper administrative principles, transparency and ethical values are observed and maintained, but in reality that is not the case” A Senior Anti Corruption Prosecutor remarked.


This medium has been reliably informed that the Le2.5Billion fraud that allegedly involved staff of the Guaranty Trust Bank, which was refunded to the Sierra Leone Roads Authority has recently been discovered that the bank was only a victim of circumstances. Most of the money was retrieved by the Authority from vehicle owners, but never returned to the Bank after it had refunded the total and complete amount claimed to have been defrauded. Documentary evidence in the strong room of the Commission and in the custody of this medium has clearly explained how some portions of the money were retrieved (we shall published the documents in our next edition) which was signed by the Consultant Traffic Warden, Mr. S.R.Macmillan, but never returned to the bank.

What has sent shocks and doubts over the behavior of the Executive Director is her response to the Office of the Attorney General and the holder of the office. The interpretation of many observers is that, she has showcased her disrespect for the office and relevant legal advice, which should see through the effective administration of the establishment.

A letter (published in this edition) dated 26th March, 2014 to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, authored on behalf of the Chambers of the Attorney General, has evidently exposed the fruitless endeavour of Dr. Sarah Bendu’s Management, which focus is to destabilize what the Government of Sierra Leone has fought hard to put together. The author described the desperation of Dr. Bendu’s action as a nullity, meaning that it lacks legal substance and foundation. Despite the warning and advice, Dr. Bendu continues to push hard to get her dreams realized. In another document dated 13th February, 2012 she was exposed by the Internal Audit of interfering into the professional assignment of the office, which should be completely independent of her administration.

It is revealed that the exposure by the Internal Audit Department of the Executive Director fueled bad blood between the two offices, which she imagined as an affront to her personality and administration, and will endeavour to put an end to it, using every available channel within her reach.

The document was copied to most of the stakeholders at the Sierra Leone Roads Authority with relatively high hope to re-address her position in relation to what she has been accused about; unfortunately, it turned out against the spirit of good and genuine communication and administrative principles

Meanwhile, Professor Harry Turay, Chairman of the SLRTA Board of Directors may have discovered himself in a state of disillusionment and regret not only as Chairman of the Board, but more specifically coming into contact and work with somebody, whose modus operandi has been described as a dictator. One who thinks that her way and poor administrative focus is always correct. Having allegedly resisted her in walking on the wrong path for posterity not to hunt him, he is left with no choice but to remain silent and continues to observe the wrong management principles adopted in the running of the establishment.

Professor Harry Turay in his communication to the Attorney General and Minister of Justice dated 1st April, 2014 recalled Management decision that has to do with the summary dismissal of the three Senior Staff of the Authority. The decision in a document, dated 29th March, 2014 had already been described as lacking in legal substance that has the potential of attracting a protracted legal battle and embarrassment. He informed the Office that since the Heads of Finance and Internal Audit continue to remain in suspension on half salary, termination be implemented when judgment is pronounced on the current case in Court.

Sadly, Dr. Bendu’s determination has no hindsight and wants it to be now even when the Court is yet to conclude the matter. She admitted to this medium that she stopped the salary of the three Senior Officials. This she singularly accomplished without any mandate from the Office of the Accountant General or the Board of Directors, an evidence of dictatorship.

To those who know her better has this to say “Wherever she works’ she always exhibits her true colour. From Action Aid to Enciss the story is the same. (Next edition)


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