Le53Million embezzled in Bonthe as Chairman and Treasurer in Police NET


The criminal investigations Department(CID) of the Sierra Leone Police in Bo, West Division is currently investigating three suspects who are allegedly connected with the offence of fraud and embezzlement of Le 53 ,000 000, 00 (Fifty Three Million Leones) at the DIDIBOR Social Club in the Tie Village of Kwamebai  Krim Chiefdom Bonthe District .

Those arrested are Musa Junisa, Chairman of the Didibor Social Club, Madam Mamie Jimmy Treasurer and Gladys Tucker, No 14 Tucker Street Njaboima Section in Bo. Police have claimed that some time last year, a colossal sum of Le45, 000. 000. 00 Forty Five Million Leones belonging to the DIdibor Social Club with a membership of 630 was entrusted to the Treasurer Mamie Jimmy for safe keeping since the Club by then had not established a Bank Account.

The investigation has revealed that the Treasurer unilaterally went ahead to give Le 12, 000. 000 00 Twelve Million Leones including properties worth Le18, 000 000. 00 to Gladys Tucker whom it is believed was her business   partner and allegedly converted the rest of the money to her own use and benefit.

It was in October last year when the Treasurer Joseph Amadu and other members of the club requested from the Treasurer Mamie Jimmy to account for money that belongs to the Club, which was given to her for safe keeping. The request was not complied with and it was discovered by other members of the Club that the money was not available any longer.

When it was realized that the money was not available, they as a first step reported the matter to PC Mohamed Soko Koroma Messie of kwamebai Krim   Chiefdom in the Bonthe District.

After several months of unfulfilled promises to refund the money had failed the matter was referred to the Criminal Investigations Department of the Bo West Police Division.  The Chairman Musa Junisa and Treasurer Mamie Jimmy were invited to the Station for further questioning. It was while at the Station, they were informed that they were under arrest. The Chairman was arrested for obtaining loan in the sum of Eight Million from the Club’s account and has since failed to honour repayment.

Speaking to this medium the Secretary General of the Club, Joseph Amadu has confirmed the arrest of the Chairman and Treasurer stating that their behavior has caused a lot of headache and embarrassment to other members of the Club.

Up to the time of going to press the three suspects are in Police custody helping with the investigation

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