…Le 500M Bail for Law School Registrar & Co.

He went home with a disturbed mind after he was granted bail in the sum of Le 500 Million and two sureties by the Anti Corruption Commission.

Magistrate Davies Cole who doubles as Registrar of the Law School has started experiencing rough time not as a Magistrate, but as a Registrar of the Sierra Leone Law School. It is not known whether he would be able to survive the embarrassment and heart breaks that have now formed part of his daily routine.

The 70-page report on the Sierra Leone Law School that contained findings and recommendations of the Committee did not spare him a bit as the key player in the fraudulent grades of the 2012/2013 Law Final Exams. Not only was he arrested by the Graft Commission, but also his Secretary, Jacqueline Johnson and also Veronica Mario Gray who is Secretary to the Director of the Law School.

Whether the Graft Commission will enter into a plea-bargain with Magistrate Davies Cole’s Secretary is too early to say, or will press charges on all of them is a matter of wait and see as the investigation is still in its embryonic stage.

While at the Graft Commission, it is reported that several telephone calls were made to him. Some assuring him of their support, while others were quoted as saying “We shall not leave you to perish in the hands of the ACC, but will fight on your behalf pending if you keep the issue a secret”

He has been granted bail in the sum of Le500 Million with two sureties who should be house owners in the Western Area and must deposit the title of their properties to the Commission. In a similar vein the two Secretaries were also granted bail in like sum.


This is not the first time that Magistrate Davies Cole, Law School Registrar has been invited to the Anti Corruption Commission. In 2004, he was there for similar allegation, but released when friends of the Commissioner prevailed upon him to grant him his freedom. It is not known whether similar situation would occur.

Sources at the Anti Corruption Commission have hinted this medium that the arrest of Law School Officials would not only be limited to Magistrate Davies Cole, Jacqueline Johnson and Veronica Mario Gray but the net will spread far and wide.

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