Re-SIT EXAMS FOR LAW STUDENTS as Attorney General Defends Legal Council

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) is reportedly digging deep into the Sierra Leone Law School examination fraud. The Commission has concluded obtaining statements from the Registrar, Mr. Davies Cole and the two Secretaries. The Commission is convinced that the three individuals have played very dishonest role in the entire examination fraud, which has produced a negative picture about the School and the Law Profession.

Those Law Students who benefited from the fraudulent and dishonest enterprise orchestrated allegedly by those currently under investigation should not count themselves as lucky as the Commission reportedly intends to pursue them for explanation as to how they benefited and what prompted the benefit to be enjoyed by them that others did not enjoy.

Meanwhile, the Council of Legal Education, the body responsible for the management of the Law School, report states has decided to conduct a re-sit exam for those Students that the Committee during its findings had discovered to have failed the exams, but called to the Bar last November at the Youyi Building. Those with references will also be allowed to take the examination.

It is evident from the decision that the petitioners, loosely termed by some members of the public as the whistle blowers have not been countenanced for a re-sit, which if implemented may not augur well in resolving the crisis at administrative level.

In Parliament yesterday the Chief Justice Hon. Humu Tejan Jalloh was represented by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice. He responded to many questions posed by Parliamentarians and map out a way forward, which among other things was the decision for a re-sit exam to be conducted.

What was however sensed as a bias statement put up in his defence was the unreasonable silence over the plight of the whistle blowers who petitioned and caused the Council of Legal Education to institute an investigation that brought to light the fraud.

It would appear that the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, has not taken their issue at heart and whether they would be part of the group that will take the re-sit exam is not known.

A member of the Council of Legal Education having listened to the Attorney General said that those who fought hard to bring the fraud to light should not be ignored, but allowed to take those subjects they failed like the other students but not set aside and looked upon as insignificant or not important in the equation “They fought for their rights and in the circumstance; a lot of things that was kept under the carpet has been brought to light” He said and concluded “They should be commended for their positive role and consistency”

It is not known when the re-sit examination will be scheduled, however; the Council of Legal Education has mounted on the Law School Notice Board names of students that passed those with references and those that failed miserably.

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