Parliament May Intimidate Chief Justice

…Attorney General Says “I will attend…”

The Sierra Leone Parliament has summoned the Chief Justice to appear today at the Well to respond to questions that probably bother on the administration of the Judicial System of the Country. The news has been received by some Legal Practitioners with mixed feelings and interpretations. Even though the reasons for the invitation have not been made public, however; the reactions have not been favourable. Some Legal Practitioners are suggesting that the summon may be connected with the recent exposure of the Law School Examination fraud, which has recorded a devastating blow on the School since it was established to date. Others are also suggesting that Parliamentarians may want to intimidate the Chief Justice and get her to reverse the decision of the Council of Legal Education, which situation would be messier than they could imagine. It would be like a backward and forward movement with nothing achieved. It is not known whether the Chief            Justice, Hon. Humu Tejan Jalloh will respond positively to the summon or send a representative.


The debate in certain quarters when news about Parliament summoning the Chief Justice as received is that, it is likely the legislative arm of Government now intends to run the third arm of Government, thus making separation of power meaningless in the democratic process.

It is possible that the subject matter of the summon is unconnected with the Law School, and that there are other relevant issues the legislative arm of Government wanted the Chief Justice to throw light on as the Law School Examination fraud is under serious investigation by the Anti Corruption Commission, which the Chief Justice has no legal or moral authority to comment on.

However, sources say the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Frank Kargbo has reportedly said that since he is the political head of the Justice System in the Country, he should be the person summoned and not the Chief Justice. He was quoted as saying that he will be there himself to respond to questions. The invitation has provoked many questions and references. Some members of the Civil Society Groups have recalled, saying that was the reason why the Speaker of Parliament should be somebody legally minded. If the current Speaker of Parliament had been a legal person, he/she should have seen the relevance and legal implication and appreciated the action. Notwithstanding the position adopted by some members of the Civil Society Groups, others of the same group are saying that Parliament has the authority to summon any individual or institution as long the issues bother on public interest as they are the people’s representatives.

Whatever the debate on the invitation of the Chief Justice may be, the outcome of it will be made public if the discussion is done in the Well of Parliament

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