Catholic priest implicated on Matrimonial Scandal

Many Bo residents have expressed dissatisfaction over the manner in which the Sole Proprietor of the “After Work Relaxation Club” along Tikonko Road in Bo Mr. Joe Turner was treated two weeks back by police personnel attached to the Family Support Unit at the Bo West Police Division under the Command of Mr. Sahr Richard Marker, the Local Unit Commander on allegation reported to the police by Mrs. Isatu Turner.

According to report reaching Standard Times Newspaper, sometime in the Month of April 2014   the proprietor was unlawfully arrested and detained on the instruction of the Local Unit Commander Mr. Sahr Richard Marker of the Bo West Police Division. His detention was perceived to have been prompted by his wife Mrs. Isatu Turner (Nee) Sannoh who is believed to be his legally wedded wife.  In her report to police, she claimed that she was being threatened by her husband to kill her and her son and fled to an unknown destination.

The Police went in to action, arrested Mr. Joe Ray Turner and detained him for twenty four hours without conducting further investigation to ascertain the veracity of the allegation. No statement was obtained from Mr. Turner and police failed to come to terms with the reality that they were being used by the Complainant to satisfy her grudge against her lawfully wedded husband.

It could be recalled that sometime back, Mrs. Isatu Turner also used the Police to embarrass her husband on false allegation that her husband had embezzled over One Hundred Million Leones

(Le 100,000,00), proceeds from the “After Work Relaxation Club”. The allegation was later proved to be untrue and baseless, which aim was to tarnish the reputation of the young man.

The Family Support Unit, which functions among others, is to settle family disputes did not help the situation, instead provoked an already fluid situation. Not only have the police been accused by some sections of the public in Bo of being bias, but also fingers are pointed at certain officers, accusing them of accepting petty bribes to tilt justice.

It is no secret that the behaviour of Mrs. Isatu Turner to some members of the public has been wildly condemned in most part of Bo and its environs.  At the Bo West Police Station she was seen and heard shouting at the top of her voice, instructing police not to grant bail to her husband until the matter is charge to Court.  It was at the Police Station she alleged that their boy child is not the biological son of her husband but a Catholic Priest who is working with the Kenema Catholic Diocese, stating that a white fore runner jeep in the possession of her husband was also bought by the Catholic Priest.

This is not the first time that a Catholic Priest in the Kenema Diocese has been implicated in a matrimonial fracas. Unfortunately, the Catholic Mission has been maintaining seal lips over matters relating to the involvement of their priests in matrimonial fracas.

When a representative of this medium contacted the Priest (Name withheld at the moment) at the Kenema Catholic Diocese, he denied the allegation as the principal source of the matrimonial dispute between the couple, which has the potential of setting the two people apart, explaining that the vehicle mentioned was bought by one of his colleagues on behalf of Mrs. Turner “My colleague is currently out of the country” The Catholic Priest claimed.

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