ROM: PC 8373 Sannoh E.K.J

A1 room 8 new Police Barracks

Bo- Kenema Highway.


TO: the Inspector General of Police

Police headquarters

George Street,


8th April, 2014.



With honor most respectfully I crave your kindness to forwarding at your desk my petition for not offering me Police promotion of which I’m qualified, in view of this ,my application for endorsement was officially registered, saw it to be qualified, legible and therefore interview conducted . I’m Police constable 8373 Sannoh E.K.J. a serving member of the SLP; I was enlisted into the SLP on the 21st December 2002. Also holder of a second class Bachelors degree. Having gone through the rigorous Police training with 13 years of work experience and no criminal records, I deem it prudent at this juncture to move forward my displeasure intended for not promoting me in rank of which I deserved long since as a commission or compensation for a sacrificial job offering.

In lieu of my co-operate responsibility as a trained and qualified Police constable, I have been very diligent, respectful, hardworking, co-operative in my area of accountability both national and international. My work has been a friend and every detail of life with hope of serving and pledging my love and loyalty to my country at all level and every given moment.

The purpose of bringing out my petition is to critically and mindfully as an Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police Force and head of this splendid institution to glance on my petition for an affirmative action that will alleviate my dissatisfaction and discontentment. Sir, within the realm of your official capacity and having recognized my feelings and difficulties of life, you can feel or empathize my position and the pains and frustration I’m currently going through especially seeing my squads carrying the nomenclature of ASP,s and SUPT,s whilst still being a constable. I sought to say that such an undeserved, oppressive and unfair treatment shall subsequently and consequently culminate to a deteriorating working output if such is not plausibly amended within this organization. Sir, will I hasten to kindly surrender my appeal for an untimely and voluntary retirement with benefit attached to it, if my petition can’t be suitably well deliberated.

My pride and hope of being a Police is an obligation to diligently and unequivocally serve my country Sierra Leone of which I had manifested for the past 13 years of active service without blemish or criminal indictment. In anticipation of the outlined reasons, I believe and hope that promotion should be right at this very moment IF it’s based on merit. My mindset is currently resentful, offended, frustrated, degenerated, dissipated and discouraged for effective and good working productivity. Being a University Graduate with an international experience, coupled with deserved certificates of merit couldn’t see me draining down or deteriorating my prowess. I shall further issue out my petition and concern when necessary and the consequences the poor and penniless constables are facing within this organization. I personally see this act as unfair, tyrannical, undeserved and perishable treatment I don’t deserve as a peaceful citizen or any person of good determination or ambition can succumb.  Sir, you can see the below points of consideration.

  1. 1.  I served as a Peacekeeper in Darfur and committed myself to all obligations that can be justifiably attested by the SLP peacekeeping department and just recently, I was asked at the peak of an interview for promotion to pay as they said final balance of Le 5,280,000/00 (five million, two hundred and eighty thousand Leones) to an account number (210-0263-6101) at the Union Trust Bank in Freetown before I could be interviewed for promotion which I did accordingly to thrust out disobedience. For clarity of purpose, I’m in possession of the Bank receipts, peacekeeping department, CDIID Director and so on. In totality, I have paid well over (5,000 US dollars) five thousand United States dollars at the Sierra Leone commercial Bank in Freetown whilst serving mission excluding the extra commitments paid.

2. That, I was unreasonably and indefinitely suspended for the above mentioned amount in the month of MAY 2013 and have been surviving on half salary without POLICE NO RICE SUPPLY leaving my wife and kids to suffer. According to my estimated figure, I m now entitled to (20) bags of rice that has been unsympathetically grasped without any substantive rationale. A number of attempts were made to reclaim my rice but to no avail. My emotional, financial, psychological and promotion deprivation is totally against my human rights

3. Furthermore and to be explicit, I’m now 13 years in the SLP and a University Graduate and without any criminal indictment since the inception date of enlistment into the SLP on the 21st December

, 2002.

4. Categorically, I had had no Police promotion ever since I was enlisted into the SLP in 2002. It’s absolutely unfair as a FORCE FOR GOOD

 With these conditions above, I will therefore consider myself decipherable for a promotion to the rank of an INSPECTOR of Police as done to the recently enlisted Graduates. IF my petition couldn’t be granted, I shall create an atmosphere of consistency in my mind for more zest in the implementation of my mandated duties. But in the interim of NOT recognizing my petition, I then plead and solicit an untimely and voluntary retirement with my entitled remunerations. I shall be displeased to further serve the SLP IF I’m not motivated with promotion which is the only source of admiration and enthusiasm of high esteem to even the civil populace we are serving. I shall not continue to seeing my comrades and squads growing whilst I retrogress, and finally if police Promotion is on merit then I’m qualify for it.

In addition, and to crave the indulgence and alert  higher authorities of esteem, a memorandum was published requesting official documents of all Graduates who were not earlier promoted  to be instantly and miscellaneously promoted. In view of that, I Personally took my certificates and other supporting documents to the Human Resource Office at the Police headquarters in Freetown where I was vehemently rejected by the then Director AIG Kalia Sesay of the  said department with statement  that (I can’t help you or allow your document neither listen to you  for any reason). Attached to this petition are my supporting documents.

Whilst putting forward my petition, I shall be prepared to lay down my kits without feeling of resentment, hesitation, or favour if my petition is NOT considered. I shall be prepared for an interrogation if needed. My contact is 078529094. I may then bring to a close for your blessings.


Yours faithfully

PC 8373 Sannoh E.K.J.

Cc: Deputy Inspector General of Police

‘’    Director Crime Services

‘’          ‘’        operation

‘’          ‘’        Human resource management and peacekeeping operation

‘’         ‘’         Support Services

‘’        ‘’         Intelligence

‘’        ‘’         Training

‘’        ‘’         Corporate Affairs

‘’        ‘’         Community Affairs

‘’       ‘’          Gender and Hospitality

Chairman Independence Police complaint

Chairman Police council

Minister of Internal Affairs

Permanent secretary, Ministry of Internal Affairs

Human Rights Commission

Office of the Ombudsman

Chief of staff to the President, State House

Anti corruption Commission

(Editor’s note—this letter was published verbatim. Contents are purely the handiwork of the author)

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