…impropriety, negligence and fraud

Last Friday trashed the widest speculations of supporters of the Managing Director of the Rokel Commercial Bank to rest. After active lobbying and knocking on doors by his backers to see him back on his seat as Managing Director, Mr. Victor Cole received what he least expected to receive after getting assurances from those that had taken up his campaign to remain in office.

The caption of the letter reads “Summary Dismissal” was slammed on him by a unanimous decision reached by the Bank’s Chairman and Board of Directors.

Not only was he disillusioned, but taking aback to have received a letter of such nature that would make him ineligible to claim end-of-service benefits and other remunerations that go with his position as a retired senior banker.

The contents of his letter mentioned reasons relating to negligence, fraud and impropriety, which after a thorough and indebt investigations carried out were discovered that culminated to his summary dismissal.

Mr. Victor Cole has been given a brief period to stay at the bank’s quarter after which, he should give up the premises for his successor to occupy.

Currently, Mr. Collier, the Deputy Managing Director is the acting Managing Director until such a time when he would either be confirmed or not. The letter was signed by the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Birch Conteh who is currently living in one of the properties owned by Victor Cole

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