Did you hear him speak?

By Philip Neville

Lawyer Charles Francis Margai is both a popular and unpopular figure in the eyes of many Sierra Leoneans. To some, he is like a political hero and admired by many as an individual with high development agenda for his country. Some even look at him as the political messiah of Sierra Leone. Little did they realize that he is not different from past leaders of Sierra Leone, whose primordial focus is how they can ascend themselves above the level of poverty and be counted as successful politicians in wealth of our time in history at a time when the eyes of the electorate are widely open. Unfortunately, when Lawyer Charles Margai speaks he defiles himself and the society he belongs. It is like the Biblical adage “Not what goes into a man defiles him, but what comes out”. Certainly, what is coming out of Charles Margai,s mouth has defiled him to the extent that he is losing friends, stability and has transformed himself into a political clown  in the political arena of the state. With little or nothing left on his plate he is now in a state of mental confusion; and evidently clear from his pronouncements and political activity. Driven by lust for power and money he is unable to micro-manage his behavior and assumption to the state house chair and now gradually falling apart

From being a guarantor of the people for the political victory of Ernest Bai Koroma to a flip flopper, behaving like an amateur who refused to be trained in the art, and now imposing himself as a qualified and experienced player.

His miscalculation coupled with the disease of myopia has blinded his vision and subject his entire being to public ridicule, which has left him groping and frustrated. Latest discovery of him showed that his cerebrum cannot effectively coordinates with his cerebellum, thus putting him in a state of imbalance, irregular heartbeats and ineffective blood circulation causing him to make involuntary utterances and pronouncement in public gathering. Those who listened to his ranting at the recently concluded SLPP convention, where he claimed to be the guarantor of Ernest Koroma, were quick to spot several lapses in him and frustration that see him in a state of political and cognitive dissonance to accept the reality of the time. The days of the Margais are far gone and generation of the 21st Century are not conversant with the name that contributed to the legislation of the 1965 Public Order Act, with the exception of Sir Milton Margai whose tenure as Prime Minister of Sierra Leone paved the way for independence. Charles Margai, one of their sons; is no doubt living under the illusion of the past that is not acceptable in the present socio-economic and political arrangement of the country

It is evident from his pattern of behavior prior, during and after elections that he is not a politician, despite there are no established requirements to become a politician, that notwithstanding, a course in political science and international relations would have helped him to refine his behavior and armed him better to know when to speak, where to speak and what to speak whenever he is called upon to make statements in public gathering. He is a nice president that would never be, because Sierra Leone as a country will do better without him

As a result of his negligence to sit in a political science class and received lectures on policies, bilateral relationships, interpersonal relationships and more, Lawyer Charles Margai is exhibiting most of the time political emptiness and craftily making use of intimidation and fear as cover-up to create impression in the minds of the gullible electorate that he has authority over the discipline and command respect from the people of this country. His assumption has gone further to send the wrong signal to the voters that he can even govern them well. Unfortunately, he is a nice president that would never be, because Sierra Leone as a sovereign state can progress without him.  His display of arrogance and ignorance are very typical of an individual who thinks too much of himself. No wonder, when he ended up saying that Mr. Siray Timbo is unfit to be the Chairman of NATCOM, because he has no background in the field of communication he received no compliment from the crowd as they come to realize that he was exhibiting personal vendetta against Mr. Timbo on behalf of Kanji Daramy, his client whom in the past wanted NATCOM to dish out Millions of Leones to as end-of- service benefits, but failed to get them complied with his  principles that are contrary to  procedures governing the NATCOM operations.

Questions as to why Mr. Timbo became the subject of Lawyer Charles Margai,s political venom that would warrant discussion of such issues relating to him in a public arena is only left for him who took matters to such a level. All these seem to demonstrate political immaturity and knowledge of all that politics entail.

His false declaration, that as a guarantor of Ernest Koroma’s presidency he saw no progress made in the country since his election to date is fallacious and deceitful. Therefore, according to him he has rated him minus zero shows how petty and un-developmental he is to national progress, initiative of the president and the transformation of Sierra Leone from what used to be one of the darkest cities (courtesy of the BBC) in the world with battered road networks in a period of less than four years to a country that is attracting a pool of investors, contemporary road systems, electricity (though not 24- hour supply) sanity and more. Even Ernest Koroma,s ardent enemy in the country would not rate him minus zero, let alone his partners and admirers of development, but for the pessimist Lawyer -cum immature politician this is his perception, a clear demonstration of dishonesty to his conscience and the gathering he was addressing that day and a failure to admit his failings in life as a politician who would never sit on the chair at state house to be addressed as president of Sierra Leone and a civil society activist whom much is expected from, but failed to transform those expectations to tangible and beneficial products. However, history would credit him as a self imposed leader of a political party who succeeded in disuniting his base and party, turning it into a one-man endeavour.

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