OBTAINING MONEY BY FRAUD: “Jay Cee” in criminal enterprise

Mr. Clifford Beatty may have been living a life that is akin to criminality, with little or no knowledge from the public, close friends and his recent victim that he duped a total sum of US$8,700.00 for the purchase of a jeep.

Flamboyantly, he would speak about big things, but it is evidently clear that these are all sound and fury signifying nothing.

At his Virginia residence, 10584 Tattersall Drive Manassas Virginia, he would give the impression to his unsuspecting victims that he controls Whitehouse and Congress, but these are all the tricks of his trade which he uses to capture the innocent minds. It is strongly believed that Mr. Clifford Beatty has made huge fortunes out of this criminal enterprise to which the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) and the Federal Bureau Intelligence(FBI), the two most powerful investigative institutions in the United States of America have woefully failed to close in.


Parading the length and breadth of the Washington District of Columbia claiming to be a car dealer and collecting money from innocent and unsuspecting members of the public has deprived many families and friends.

Mr. Clifford Beatty would stop at nothing until he is nabbed by America’s two most powerful investigation units.

In Sierra Leone, some few months back he came briefly to introduce what be best known for, but was lucky to infiltrate a handful of innocent victims that are currently pursuing him to the fullest and put a stop to his criminal enterprise.

The High Court in Sierra Leone has already slammed a guilty verdict on him and is demanding the full and complete recovery of the sum of US$8,700.00 (Eight Thousand Seven Hundred United States Dollars) owing and due the plaintiff by the Defendant. Interest on the said amount until payment. Damages for breach of contract and cost. The Judgement was delivered on 8th Day of May 2014.

Hearing about the judgement, Clifford Beatty wave it with the back of his hand, saying it is “insignificant” and claiming that it is a question of Jurisdiction.

Whether it is a question of jurisdiction or not, he would soon come to realize that he has made an incredible mistake by obtaining money fraudulently from Ms. Kamara when the Court in Virginia in his City will invite him to respond to criminal charges.

A law firm in the Washington Metropolitan is now putting the necessary legal papers together to drag him to answer to criminal charges.

This would make him know that he cannot run away from justice. In a telephone interview with this medium, he admitted to have collected the sum of US$8,700.00 from Ms. Kamara for the purpose of purchasing a jeep. “Unfortunately, when I received the money I was having problems” He admitted and confessed, and went on, “anyway I shall try to refund every penny to her” He Promised

For the past months to date Mr. Clifford Beatty has been promising to refund the money, but his behaviour and responses have proved that he has no intention of refunding a dime to Ms. Kamara until he is being forced by the Court in America to do so.

It would be recalled, that prior to the legal action instituted against him in the Court of Sierra Leone, the Law Firm of Tejan Cole, Yillah and Associates officially wrote to him, stating that the services of the Law Firm has been retained by Ms. Kamara in a matter of obtaining money by fraud.

He reportedly paid no attention to the letter as his desire has already been achieved. Mr. Clifford Beatty employed all strategies of his trade to lure the Complainant into his criminal network. He explained to her “The bid ended at US7,650.00. The auction fee is $249 paid to the Company for administrative fees. The guy whose license we used for the auction is asking for 10% commission ($765.00), but I can negotiate to $150.00 max. I have to pay $262.00 for temporary registration and insurance. I can’t drive the car from the auction lot without the registration. You don’t have to worry about registration. I will take care of it as my own little help. And I will send you all the receipts for these transactions. It is a V6 2005 with 1,117 miles and in very decent condition. I know this is a bit outside of your initial budget, but given the time constraint and the value of the vehicle, this is the best I could under the circumstances. Let me know if this suits you. I have given the $7,000.00 and need to bring the difference very soon. I will do the registration this evening or tomorrow morning” chat later, He closed the conversation with happiness that he was going to hit a jackpot (See next edition)

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