Why do I fuse the august name of late President Tejan Kabbah with the menace of the “Ebola” virus ? Don’t get me wrong! My serial on the late President Tejan Kabbah is not meant to besmear his legacy. It is for us all to learn!! If the ‘SLPPians’ who could be miffed by my critique of Kabbah loved their party so much, they would have done research, and imaginative publicity, on the amazing feats of the Kabbah presidency – before the 2007 elections.

A posthumous Nobel Prize for ‘Strong Kabbah-Institutions’

Tejan Kabbah’s accomplishments in setting up strong institutions in post-war Sierra Leone – that which during Kabbah’s State Funeral at the National Stadium a UN “Under Secretary-General” Kandeh Yumkella in his eulogy echoed US President Barrack Obama on: “Africa does not need strong me; it needs strong institutions” – could earn Tejan Kabbah a posthumous Nobel Prize.

Take about the most pre-eminent ‘Kabbah-Institution’ – the National Revenue Authority (NRA). Before the NRA, the main revenue arms of government were the Income Tax Department and Custom and Excise Department – departments which epitomize the flagrant predatory nature of public sector institutions; where staff would brazenly steal public money, and be ostentatious with their ill-gotten wealth. In bringing all the revenue arms of government under one umbrella, the ‘Kabbah-NRA’ radically changed that thieving ethos. The ‘Kabbah-NRA’ under Dr. John Karimu assembled some of the best professionals in Sierra Leone, hammered efficiency and accountability into what was used to be a reckless system – and revenues between 2003 and 2007 rose by a record-breaking 120%; that today NRA revenues have spiked from Le500 billion in 2007 to Le2.3trillion in 2013 (and our dependency on domestic revenues in the same period increased from about 30% to about 70%) should be largely credited to the late President Tejan Kabbah’s creation. Let us swing back to the title of this piece “The ‘Tejan Kabbah Syndrome’ and Ebola”

Tejan Kabbah did not understand some of God’s fundamental laws

The ‘Tejan Kabbah Syndrome’ means for a leader NOT to fully understand some of the fundamental ‘Laws of God’. You are shocked – since outwardly Kabbah was a devout Muslim. Kabbah in his appeasement of the devil incarnate, RUF leader Foday Sankoh, marketed himself, and is being sold in eulogies during his funeral ceremonies a week ago, as a ‘Man of Peace’ . True, ‘God is of Peace’; but, ‘God can be of War’; and, ‘God’ has created an inherently ‘war-prone’ world. Aha!! You are thinking: ‘There goes Philosopher Oswald Hanciles again’!.

In the beginning, after the Big Bang, and for billions of years after, as matter was created in nano seconds…there was mind-boggling violence!!! Even as our sun ‘settled’ down a bit, captured nine satellites that coalesced as planets, there was still violence; violence as planet earth cooled down….; the crust was formed….Dinosaurs who dominated our planet for 165 million years were incredibly violent animals, waging war on plant and animal life with unforgiving ferocity….Then, man, ‘recent’ being on earth just about two million years ago, a nomadic …Hunter Gatherer…. …as man ‘grew’ in stature and brain capacity….to the formation of ancient empires of Mesopotamia, Egypt….Rome…German…Chinese, Aztec….; to the modern British and American empires…man has had to unleash war on other man…. with unremitting regularity. Whatever the pacific people would tell you, it does appear as if there is a genetic propensity for man to wage war on man – whether it is ‘physical war’, or ‘Psychological War’, or ‘Economic War’….. Or ‘War on Ignorance’ or ‘War on Indiscipline’…. The survival impetus of mankind appears to mandate intense action which inexorably leads on to the death of his own kind. If man does not wage ‘War on Ignorance’, he is sure not to be able to respond to the constant war being waged on him by….Trillions of disease-causing micro-organisms…..Disease-causing micro-organisms are ALWAYS waging war on man. Innumerable bacteria waged war on each human body from birth to death. Malaria, typhoid, cholera, HIV….etc. are always waging war on human beings. The Ebola virus is just one of these micro-organisms that ‘God’ has put on the planet to remind mankind that he must fight wars…or die!!!

God has designed this world in such war that mankind does not have to like to fight wars, but, man has to fight wars. Peace is really an ephemeral sociological phenomenon; a transient illusion – while war among mankind, and between mankind and disease-causing micro-organisms, is a constant. Late Tejan Kabbah failed to appreciate this ‘God reality’, and lulled Sierra Leoneans into believing that ‘war’ is a very bad thing, and that the best way to approach a diabolical enemy, like Foday Sankoh, would be to appease him – like Winston Churchill would have appeased Adolf Hitler after the Allied Powers had seen what Hitler did in his holocaust on the Jews during the Second World War. Point: we must ‘cure’ ourselves of the ‘Tejan Kabbah Syndrome’ as the Ebola virus wages war on us – and respond with holistic war.

President Kabbah could see the enemy – President Koroma cannot see ‘the enemy’ The ‘rebel war’ that President Tejan Kabbah had to provide leadership for was against a much easier enemy than the ‘enemy’ that now confronts President Ernest Bai Koroma. At least, President Kabbah could see his enemies – President Koroma cannot even see his enemies; does not know whether the Ebola enemy has penetrated his country’s borders, and is waging war on his people. The mode of the Ebola enemy is now widely known locally and internationally.

The Ebola Enemy

Ebola infection leads to acute viral illness which is often characterized by the sudden onset of fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat. This is followed by diarrhea, rash, impaired kidney and liver function, and in some case both internal and external bleeding. The photos of Ebola-infected persons which have gone viral in cyberspace would make an infant have nightmares until she/he reaches adulthood. What is not clear to me is this: the incubation period is between 21 to 21 days. So, it could mean a person with Ebola from the ‘Ebola districts’ in Guinea could, for example, enter Sierra Leone looking quite healthy…and, after a week or two, would fall down with ‘full blown Ebola’.

When people get sick in Sierra Leone, especially children and youth, it is natural that their parents or relatives would take care of them – coddle them, wash them, feed them. An Ebola-infected person could easily pass on his/her Ebola infection to a household that way: through his/her blood, sweat, urine, or spittle. By the time the Ebola gets serious enough for medical help to be sought, a medical doctor would have to rule out viral diseases like Malaria, Typhoid, Cholera, Plague,, Rickettsiosis, Meningitis, Hepatitis….BEFORE diagnosing fever. And, the catch there….? There is absolutely only one laboratory in all of Sierra Leone that can diagnose Ebola – it is Kenema Town. So, if our medical personnel in other towns and village are careless, are not well-educated, are not very aware of the hazards of Ebola, and handle patients without secure medical gloves….they stand at risk of being infected with Ebola – and they could relay it to other patients they deal with…. The ‘mindless’ Ebola is very ‘tactical’, it appears.

Are Guineans/Liberians/Sierra Leoneans the US’s ‘Ebola guinea pigs’? The April 1, 2014 front page of STANDARD TIMES reports that the European Union “dishes out…Euros 500,000”!! It sounds such a generous humanitarian gesture. Is it?

This is information Rosetta Zizer posted to me from the US on March 29, 2104: The Ebola is not new. It has been ‘around’ for 37 years. About 15,000 Africans have died of Ebola since it emerged in 1976. It is relatively easy to prevent. But, it is in Africa – the perceived continent of the ‘lesser humans’, in the eyes of Europeans/Americans. So, only pittance as funds is being put into Ebola research. Some ‘experts’ are speculating the ‘origin of the virulent strain of Ebola’ today.

Cynomolgous monkeys were imported a decade or so into the United States for the sole purpose of clinical and laboratory research on the Ebola virus. Those monkeys that were experimented on were injected with the Ebola virus to see how they’ll react with the Ebola virus in them. While some of these Cynomolgous died during those experiments, a few of them were also returned to Africa and were abandoned between the borders of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, with tracking devices embedded in them. This was done with the intent of spreading the Ebola virus into humans. Since the Ebola virus irradiated vaccine has to be proven, humans have to be the guinea-pigs (to be tested with the virus and vaccination). If the Ebola injected monkeys die, bats, and humans, could then come into contact with them. Tejan Kabbah Syndrome or Ernest Bai Koroma robust ‘war response’?

The governments of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea have responded promptly to the Ebola emergency. But,, the epicenter of the Ebola problem is in Guinea, where 71 people have said to have been infected and died. The debate raging in cyberspace now is that should Sierra Leone close its borders with Guinea and Liberia to prevent Ebola infected persons coming into the country? The World Health Organization (WHO) is opposed to this. The question for the ‘Commander-in-Chief’ of the Armed Forces of Sierra Leone, H.E. Ernest Bai Koroma, is: should he under-react, belie the Ebola threat…and wait until the Ebola enemy penetrate our country, before he reacts…? Or, should we over-react, pass new Ebola laws in Parliament, take stringent stance at our borders, absolutely prevent any movement of people from Ebola-infected regions, and over-react? What will we lose if we are accused of over-reacting? There, now you understand my use of the title ‘Tejan Kabbah Sydrome’ and Ebola. When Tejan Kabbah was told of the March 25, 1997 coup three days before it happened – he did not take prompt action. In 1998, Tejan Kabbah watched as the rebels ‘crept’ into Freetown from Koinadugo – and took little action. Is H.E. President Ernest Bai going to, or not going to, be infected with the Tejan Kabbah Syndrome?

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