“We have reported her to the commission” Says the Sumah family

Haja Seray Kallay may be underrating the official complaint made against her by the Sumah Family, who feels betrayed and their rights trampled upon by the Country’s Administrator and Registrar General. For over twenty four months, members of the Sumah family have got the raw taste of excessive administrative power perpetuated on them by the Administrator and Registrar General, whose functions among other is to administer Estates and other properties of individuals, those who have died and left behind Estates and properties for their beneficiaries and loved ones. The case of the Sumahs have triggered many Sierra Leoneans, especially those that have failed to prepare a “WILL” or “Deed of Gift” they died “intestate” Even when there is a “WILL” or “DEED OF GIFT” the current holder of the office of Administrator and Registrar General has made it impossible for the beneficiaries to take possession of what was bequeathed to them by their departed loved ones. The house at 12, Free Street left behind by the late Makalay Turay is in conflict, not between the court and the beneficiaries, but between the beneficiaries and the Administrator and Registrar General, Haja Mariama Seray Kallay. The decision of the Appellate Court, which as a lawyer was expected to uphold has become a mockery. Her effort to enquire from the Susu Traditional Leaders was only a smoke screen to continue holding the beneficiaries to ransom. All efforts by credible and rational minds to convince Haja Mariama Seray Kallay to hand over the property to the rightful beneficiaries have proved futile. Few days back, one of the Advisers to President Koroma made several efforts to resolve the stalemate, but did not succeed as Haja Kallay seem determined to frustrate the Sumahs further.

Last Friday, the Sumahs in one accord mobilized to the Anti Corruption Commission Office, where they made an official complaint against Haja Seray Kallay, the Country’s Administrator and Registrar General.

Sources say detail of their complaint was obtained from them by Mr. Koi, which he submitted to the authorities for further investigation. They were also requested to report to the Commission on Thursday this week. At the time of making the report the Sumahs were informed that the Commissioner Mr. Joseph F. Kamara was not in office, but that notwithstanding the report would reach his office and an investigator assigned to take up the investigation.

Meanwhile, sources have revealed to this medium that the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Frank Kargbo whose office is directly supervising the office of the Administrator and Registrar General has promised to look into the matter as he feels very disturbed with the type of report he is getting about the office, more specifically the current case of the Sumahs.

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