June 12, 2014 at 8:38pm

Dear Mr. President,

After my initial posting I put on my prosecutors hat and started digging deep for more information on your recently terminated THIEF OF STAFF. I found out that prior to 2007 he was a procurement officer with ECOWAS based in Nigeria and that he left Nigeria under a cloud of corruption. Matter of fact my sources have informed me that he “FLED” TO SIERRA LEONE TO AVOID PROSECUTION in Nigeria for corrupt activities of a felonious nature.

This is information that would have, or reasonably should have been made available to you if only you had asked. If an ordinary man can get this information within a few hours of starting my enquiry, surely you as PRESIDENT of Sierra Leone should have been able to get this information prior to making hiring decisions of this very noxious, disrespectful and now disgraced character. Now let’s analyze the various scenarios that could have happened prior to the hiring of this man.


Scenario 1.

You hired him without knowing his RECORD


If you hired this man without knowing his record then you could easily be deemed to have been derelict in your duty to hire the best person for the job.


Scenario 2 .

You hired him knowing his now public record regarding his last employment


Well what can I say if this is the case I bet you are whipping yourself right now because it was a bad decision. A bad decision is defined as a decision that one makes knowing the full facts and which decision goes against REASON based on the known facts at the time it is made.

So where does the blame lie Mr.  President with regards to this man you just fired. Would your feelings be hurt if I told you that blame for hiring this man fall squarely on your doorstep? Okay I don’t want to hurt your feelings sir but I must tell you the truth the blame for hiring incompetent gluttons into government lies squarely on your doorstep, and I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings Mr. President.

Why do I blame you?

I blame you because since 2007, it seems as if some of your appointments have been made on a basis that is incongruent to sound leadership decisions.  You hired AKK as Ambassador to China; you hired his replacement who was involved in a corruption quagmire within months of his arrival either as Deputy Ambassador to China or AKK’s replacement.

BTW do the ACC laws allow for the prosecution of Sierra Leone civil servants and Presidential employees for acts of corruption committed outside of the borders of Sierra Leone? If they can then, why is it that the Deputy Ambassador has still not is been prosecuted. IS HE A SACRED COW? Didn’t you promise us that there would be no sacred cows in your governments fight against corruption? Well Sir if there are no sacred cows in your government why is it that the present Financial secretary who happens to be your cousin was allegedly involved in some corruption related case and was only fined and still remains in the job. IS HE A SACRED COW?


I blame you because if you Mr. President made hiring decision to hire someone who has a history of graft to work with him, then you are primarily responsible for introducing vermin into the granary and to the extent culpable in all of the crimes that the recently terminated chief of staff has been involved in, because you gave him an opportunity to have ACCESS to Rip the people of Sierra Leone off. So tell me Mr. President, to what extent are you culpable for the crimes committed by this man? Do you accept any of the blame at all?


It seems to many of us that since your ascension to the presidency of Sierra Leone you have employed people who were once your determined enemies when you were struggling for leadership of the country and the nation to the exclusion of the people that really want to make a change in the republic of Sierra Leone, which change we believe is consistent with your stated dreams for different way of doing business in Sierra Leone.


Well Sir, enough is enough and many of us members of the party can’t stay quiet anymore as we see our country and our party making the same mistakes that got us kicked out in a bloody coup in 1992. I see that people like Mr. Robin Farley, a man who was an SLPP MP prior to 2007 and one of those who basically stopped your campaign convoy from going into Kailahun and organized stoning gangs that stoned your campaign vehicles all the way into Kenema town, is now one of the leading proponents of an alleged third term bid by you in violation of our constitution and our post war compact to honor our country by democratic principles.

Mr. President do you really believe that people like Robin Farley have your interest at heart or that of the APC? Have you forgotten that the people in the SLPP that have been the most vociferous opponents of the APC post 1992, were the ones that benefitted the most under the APC pre 1992. Do you remember one Dr Sama Banya? He is one of those people I speak about. Doesn’t that tell you sir that the lesson that should be learned from that is that you must never trust those who holla hosanna hosanna particularly when they are new converts to the party? Have you failed sir to learn from the lessons of the past? A few months ago I had a negative interaction with one Sylvia’s Blyden who now works in your office and who I have heard has nit stepped foot at her office at state house in two weeks. Tell me Mr. President do you think it is proper to have an EMPLOYEE that refused to come to work for any reason still on the payroll. Isn’t that the equivalent of stealing from the government?  Is she another one of the SACRED COWS around that are allowed to do anything they want with IMPUNITY?


Look around you Mr. President, how many of these people like Richard Konteh are in your government and PURGE them before you start being blamed for their actions. In effect I am asking you and making this petition as a citizen of the country that you lead to stop, take a deep breath and leave a LEGACY by your actions that generations yet unborn will learn about and would make them proud. Leave a legacy that would make Sierra Leoneans proud when your name is mentioned. The country deserves that. Your party the APC deserves that and I AND MANY OTHERS LIKE ME EXPECT THAT. Now if we don’t get that which is what we want we are going to rewrite history and claim that you were actually a PDP sorbeh President rather than an APC President. Well I am just teasing but you get my drift sir? Our deal was to create a new state by making CHANGES in how we govern.  You cannot promise things that you cannot deliver. I am one of those people who will by, quietly make my case sure that you have not forgotten your promise to the nation. I guess you can say that your pre election promises are a DEBT owed to the people of Sierra Leone and we reserve the right to call the debt at anytime. What better time than now when you still have three more years to FIX things.

I HOPE YOU HAVE FOUND MY FRANK CONVERSATION TO BE VERY RESPECTFUL AND TO THE POINT. You need principled people and well vetted people otherwise history will not treat you right.

God Bless you and God Bless the People of Sierra Leone.


M. Alieu Iscandari Esq.

Attorney and Counsellor at Law


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