Lawyer Williams undresses Pastor David Chambers

…Fake titles backed by criminal activities

Mr. David Chambers may be a pastor, but probably not of any religious faith. His specialty in preaching may not be too far from land grabbing and illegal acquisition of massive plots of land in the Western Area, not the provincial towns as his ancestors were not privilege to acquire any in those parts of the country that was bequeathed to him.

In the Office of the Administrator and Registrar General, the land grabber and illegal claimant is no stranger to the office and its employees to make things work for him with ease. Very recently, he offered a piece of land to the Sierra Leone Bar Association in what many people described as a skillful way of silencing representatives of the country’s vibrant professional body. The strategy did not live long to come out to the public domain, which sent shockwaves and surprises to many victims of Pastor David Chambers.

Pastor Chambers is no stranger to land controversies, both in the court of law and on the field, with ready-made group of thugs who are always at his beck and call to perpetuate violence against legitimate claimants, but what remains unclear is the level of influence he may have over the Sierra Leone Judiciary and the Police that have not been able to contain him all these years.

His gesture to professional bodies, such as the Sierra Leone Bar Association has been interpreted by some seasoned legal practitioners in line with that which says, “Beware of the Greeks when they make offer” it was done with ulterior motive mainly geared towards “Protection Against the Law” and has never even prior to his offer to Association and even now suffer any consequences for his action, be it criminal in nature or civil, let alone be questioned by the country’s Law Enforcement Agency. On the contrary, he is been pampered and suspected to be allegedly supported by some members of the Sierra Leone Police Force with the aim of benefiting from the illegally acquired massive plots of land that Pastor David Chambers has laid claims on and clandestinely secured titles at the Office of the Administrator and Registrar General.

Although, not every Sierra Leonean is accusing him of stealing, but cannot escape the adage “All days for a thief and one day for the owner” A Freetown based legal Practitioner with several years of experience, Lawyer Yada Williams has come forward to challenge the endless claims of Pastor David Chambers to pieces of land and the many titles he may have secured under what many had referred to as “ Under dubious and criminal” means.

As an initial step, Lawyer Williams had written a letter to the country’s always jittery Inspector General of Police, Mr. Francis Munu, cataloguing host of forgeries of titles that Pastor Chambers had enjoyed, a criminal offence he had neither been prosecuted for nor questioned by any court of Law.

He has manipulated the Office of Administrator and Registrar Generals to get his numerous land documents registered with relative ease Not only did Lawyer Yada Williams write, but substantiated his writings with expert reports and other relevant pieces of evidence that would justify punitive actions and get Pastor David Chambers put an end to what has been widely termed as criminal activities.

It would be recalled that when he offered a piece of land to the Sanctuary Praise Church of Pastor Ajasafie, some members of the Church accepted it with reservation, but when the land gift became an issue most of them backed out and at the end it was realized that the gift to the Church was the property of some Sierra Leoneans who took the giver to a task with the hiring of a legal practitioner to prosecute Pastor Chamber.

The matter between Pastor Chamber and the land owners was dropped when he could no longer sustain the heat and determination of the owners. Many questions have been asked, but no answer proffered as to how or when did Pastor Chambers acquire all those pieces of land in the western area that he has been laying claims on and selling with alacrity and no consequences, only now that Lawyer Yada Williams has challenged the endless titles of pieces of land that Pastor Chamber has laid claims on.

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