…Six Caught and detained

The Navy wing and police marine have jointly turned the celebration of six pirates to a bitter and regrettable one. Their objective to celebrate after the illegal exercise has remained just a dream as the reality has landed them in custody where they are licking up their wounds.

Alusine Mohammed Kamara, 1 Dixon Street, around Guard Street, Mohammed Tarawallie aka ANGER, 10 Crew Bay,

Mohammed Conteh 5, Lightfootboston Street, Mohammed Dumbuya, 10 Savage Square, Abdulai Kargbo 10 Effort Lane off Mow Wharf and Musa Kabia 18,Lightfootboston Street have failed to seek clarifications from their underworld gods prior to taking up a venture on sea as they usually do before going out.

This time round whether it was due to failure to properly consult or violated what they were told to do before going out is yet unknown. Though they had lived to tell the story, but to regain their freedom is unpredictable. Lucky they may be, but wounds and injuries sustained will always remain them that they took a deadly mission, which landed them in the hands of a combined team of military personnel and members of the Sierra Leone Police.

Two days back around 10PM the six young men jumped into their boat and headed far away to the sea. With one accord, they attacked a Chinese trawler vessel, LIANRUN 23 loaded with fish and other consumables such as onions, tomatoes, milk and rice. With two old guns, they were certain of their security and accomplishment of the task they have chosen to undertake. That is to attack the Chinese vessel, put all those in it into fear and violently take what does not belong to them with fear shots fired into the air they were sure of subjecting all of them into panic and fear.

It happened the way they planned it, but unfortunately they did not benefit from the loot. Eight Chinese nationals were found in the vessel and nine Sierra Leoneans, some were observers from the Ministry of Marine Resources. They were all ransacked, tied and pinned to the floor of the boat. What the victims were left with is the Lord’s Prayer and for the pirates, it was a big celebration to take home. Suddenly, they could not imagine seeing two boats coming to the rescue their victims loaded with navy officers and police armed to their teeth.

Attempts were made to contain the rescue team, but with their inferior firing power it was not a match. Seeing the impossibility to compete with the rescue team, they dumped their guns into the sea and tried to escape, but luck was not on the side of either of them. The joy and celebration imagined turned soar as they were rounded up by their superiors in battle and brought to shore after receiving stern warnings from the officers not to attack any vessel on sea in future.

They have been provided with a temporal accommodation at the Central Police Station awaiting prosecution in a competent Court of Law in the Country.

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