Yes, Sierra Leoneans, how goes our favorite pastime, our everlasting times of poverty, the only thing that ever seems to be constant for over ninety percent of us poverty stricken brothers and sisters.

You know, to us back here this our favorite pastimes suits us quite well, and it most times seems ridiculous especially to those of us steeped in the thing to hear about poverty alleviation.

Can something that seems to be constant and even when not constant be alleviated?

With what, tell me, can it be alleviated?

Throwing money at poverty itself face on or merely making a show and display of wealth and the affluence and lifestyle of those for whom wealth seems to be ever constant as poverty is to us.

Well, anyway, the fact that there is much of this wealth to apparently dispose of is enabling them to finding a means of creating employment overseas for their affluent sons and daughters.

Nevertheless, there is some well intentioned purpose to it all; but then as we say “the monkey will never forget that its paws are black”.

When you consider the fact that poverty is a way of life for most of us, the fact that we have been born into it and as such just a natural phenomenon and nothing to cry home about because that which is, is, and we know nothing else, it is not surprising that those in the positions of power meant to advocate our cause will seriously consider the fact and not act accordingly, that there is nothing to change when everything is rosy is our own little world.

So we have something very valuable, what has that got to do with us since our foolish ignorant minds cannot grasp the value and need that the thing entails for our lives.

But we are the children of nature and we cannot destroy nature nor make a mockery of it; who are those cousins from far away wanting to reap and wound the earth and uproot its entrails, to do what?

For us back here we are all brothers and sisters and the earth and everything in it belongs to us all and not one individual; to belong to one means the satanic god, ego, is reigning supreme and we are now being ruled by the Evil One who has bred conflict with ego, Satan, riding on the vehicle of anger.

Yes, division has come and we must be united because thus we are strong; as long as there is individualism there is greed, and as long as there is greed there is anger, as long as there is anger there is ego, the satanic god – meaning that natural conflict has been given reins once again to bring on the Age of Kali, Conflict and Opposition, and an end to the system of things as we know it.

Yes, we revel in poverty, in a situation wherein knowledge is the key to unlocking the change and the chance to see another side of life that the Good Lord may have wanted us all to see.
Sadly enough, not all can wield the key and those of us who can are full of greed and are finding it difficult to share without knowing what is in it for them.

Greed. Sheer greed and the need to go where not all will tread nor see in this life.
Who are we pleasing when we have it all alone; and just a tiny amount of your vast wealth is enough for you and your family to live a life of comfort.

Not all of us can be rich and not all of us can be poor but all of us can and must have the basic necessities for life sustenance.

Is it not pathetic to note that that there are mountains of food stashed away in wealthy countries that will never ever be utilized whilst the children starve, just for the thought of and knowledge that we can never lack and please our ego, that Man has moved on from the subsistence life and we can now control our futures and destinies – a destiny and a future corrupted with materiality in our survival of the fittest fight over the natural resources meant for our being here.

Needless to say, you forget about those who lack, your brothers and sisters, your god-soul mates with whom you left the Creator falling prey to materiality in different shades of coats of skin and earthly stations because we are all rebels at heart.

Now that knowledge is lost and we are promoting individualism and greed and finding means and ways to keep others down from where they belong and out of your pleasurable confines because Self now is the key and the goal we aspire to in this game of the survival of the fittest and your fellow god-souls are no longer you, possessing the same characteristics and Spark of the Creator who will never judge Man on the basis of the good life you thought or pride yourself you may have had but how you looked upon your brothers and sisters for whom “whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto Me” because they sought the Lord in nature, in distress and in affliction and adversity set by the Lord in order to bring them into a broad place.

So we revel in poverty and forever we will display the tenets of this frivolous pastime we adore so much and makes us be in constant touch with the reality that nothing matters here, we in the end will leave as we came into our mothers’ wombs – with nothing; with nothing we will return, save the fact that we knew each other in an Earthly Station and at some point we lost our minds and took on the madness of the beasts of the field in the game of the survival of the fittest.

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