It took the dictates of war and madness for us to know and realize that there was something really very wrong with and within this nation.

It was only when fire rained down from the skies that brothers from afar came to your aid.

No one it seems wanted anything to do with you…and no one will it seems ever will want  anything to do with you or give a damn whether your sons and daughters share in the dream we all are meant to revel in as designed by the Good Lord.

You who cannot take care of your own household who do you believe or look up to for you to settle your problems and prepare the way to prosperity for you? If not only a fool like you who cannot play the game will have such stupid thoughts and vain imaginings.clif

You neglected your sons and daughters and left then at the mercy of the guns and the hail of bullets of foreigners; though blood brothers near yet it seems afar.

Sierra Leone cannot clean house and never in the position to, and as such its doors and borders render it an insecure nation, its entities becoming hopeless and willing targets for the madness that is brewing in the hearts of long gone forgotten brothers and the ever overzealous and recalcitrant youths that have been used and misused since the beginning of this mad venture that this land so called the Lion Mountain that lacks roaring power embarked upon to be on the path of being indisposed to dependency, wherein only that which matters is pouring hate and venom into the minds of the young in order to achieve their senseless and devilish desires, to wrought destruction on their innocent brothers and sisters.

All because our white brothers keep telling us that we must all be free to choose and express our ‘demonstration of craziness’ with that which is termed democracy.

All the while, the age old evil values of the Black Man in the form of working with the devil day and night was brought on board and heaped upon an unsuspecting but all too willing public for whom this madness that walks with the dark is a way of life, a favorite pastime.

So the notion of democracy took on the nature of evil as those really meant to be there and steer the country forward are controlled and dictated to by evil supernatural forces that take immense pleasure in witnessing the displeasure, backwardness and damnation of those meant to be made in the image of God.

Man, this higher level of consciousness on this Earth, is pandering to the will and becoming slaves to spirits of the lower cadre.

So it took a blood brother of Sierra Leonean descent from our nearby brotherly/sisterly nation to promise this nation that Sierra Leone will taste the bitterness of war; and indeed, so it was.

Who might he be and where or when will the next fire fall?

We have heard from prophecy that the fire if ever it does come from the East eventually will be put out as was the case with the previous fire; but not so if it does come from the West.

And the westerly neighbor of this land is the Atlantic Ocean.

Who then if it does come from the West will be steering the boats to bring eventual doom to this land?  Who will come to plunder this nation that will see us groveling at their feet, the hospitable fools we are.

Who will exploit us and enrich self and take that which belongs to us, our material resources, like the Rebel Warlord last did.

Yes, who will come from the high seas to make us forget our docile nature in the face of certain death as a result of the incessant poverty we face and revel in, and cause hell to let loose when we say we can’t take it anymore.

It is obvious that the people are crying and dying like flies as a result of the fact that most have nothing to eat and the absence of government or international aid for the poor is not making the situation better.

No one cares, my friends, no one cares; not even those we count on, our blood brothers and sisters; and I tell you, this will certainly one day make us all go mad.

Remember, when a people have nothing to live for, fire is coming.

Injustice abounds in the courts, the offices, and in the home.  Children are becoming prostitutes everyday as a consequence of the state of things and as a result of the breakdown of the family; and yes, they are sleeping in the streets and market stalls. And nobody cares at all…..not you ….not me….

And no one cares, not even the Government and their families, loved ones either, as there is nothing anyone can do because all of us have our hands tied behind our backs like they did us in the days of old on our way to a ‘promised land’ in the New World.

Madness is repeating itself in more ways than one and in a different fashion.

Remember, death is a certainty and one day when Man resolves that the end has come and must move on to the spiritual lands, surely enough others must follow.


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