In Bo Provincial Secretary goes “MAD” Cautions MDA’s


The newly transferred Provincial Secretary, South Jacob Quee has lambasted some Heads of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA’s) for boycotting a General Meeting with the Provincial Administration which was scheduled to take place on July 5th 2011, at the Conference Hall of the Provincial Administration Office in Bo

Addressing a cross session of the Ministries, Departments and Agencies, the Provincial Secretary, South Mr.Jacob Quee expressed disappointment over the poor attendance of the MDA’s meeting even though the notice was on air for several days. Some MDA’s he observed deliberately refused to attend the meeting describing it as unfortunate.

Sierra Leone Minister of Local government

The purpose of the meeting according to Jacob Quee was to inform them about government policies and also to brain storm on how to implement these policies in their respective Departments. He told his audience that although successive Governments had tried in their own way to improve the public sector, the Civil Service is very backward. The Provincial Secretary however maintained that the present Government has attempted to improve the Civil Service which is why the Public Sector reform programme was established to examine the Civil Service and make the necessary reforms in order to promote the welfare of Civil Servants to an appreciable standard.  It is in this regard, according to the Provincial Secretary that Government has finally decided to resurrect the District Officers after it was abolished a couple of years ago. He underscores the relevance of the District Officers in the Districts, adding that their functions were never abolished and replaced by Chief Administrators that have resulted into a huge gap in the Administration of the Districts.

Jacob Quee noted that District Officers have direct links with Paramount Chiefs unlike the Chiefdom Administrators whose main functions are to promote development in their respective Districts. He noted that Paramount Chiefs were at a lost as to whom they will relate to as there was no recognized institution through which they can channel their complaints for prompt action and that Chiefs to travel long distances to the Provincial Administration in Bo when they have problems.

The Provincial Secretary therefore appealed to the MDA’s to appreciate the newly appointed District Officers to ensure that they succeed in the discharge of their various functions.

Others who made meaningful contributions at the meeting were the Gender Desk Officers of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s affairs, South Alice Jeneba Koroma, Deputy Secretary II, Samuel S. Mattiri, Regional Information Officer, South Gabriel Momoh and the Regional Manager, Nassit in Bo Michael Lahai who succeeded in explaining what his institution stands for, noting that Civil Servant have not been doing well in that direction


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