BEACH LAND DEAL EXPOSES TOURISM MINISTRY: Board womanizer on retirement train

It is becoming evidently clear that Ms. Annie Metzger is a victim of Man’s inhumanity to Man, a victim of sexual harassment and a victim of deprivation of her right as a citizen of this country whose ambition is to contribute her own quota to the development aspiration of Sierra Leone.

She never knew prior to the implementation of her initiative that both the Tourist Board and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture could request an exchange of her pride for a piece of land until her refusal to succumb to the demand of a highly placed official, hence her refusal began to haunt her and every privilege extended to her as a Sierra Leonean for the realization her dream began to suffer setbacks. It is not that she refused to comply officially relating to payment of her lease rents or development of the piece of land as prescribed in the lease document, but her case became peculiar as a result of her refusal to comply with unofficial demands, which directly relates to her person and body.

Evidence of payments of her lease rent is published in this edition for the public to see and also pictures of the development of the piece of land, which is currently progress assigned to her by the Ministry responsible to do so.

Despite all these effort, Ms. Metzger was neither credited for that nor was her effort recorded or recognized, because that was not the motive of a senior member of the Tourist Board, now retired whose focus was probably different from the dictates of the lease, among which was to develop the said land in line with what her application requested for .

Few days back, report from workers of the Beach Land Development Site  states that a Mr. Jalloh from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture was driving in his car when he stopped by and started using threatening remarks against them, making boastful statements that he would call the police to crush them from the site. After Mr. Jalloh’s ranting and threatening remarks a group of individuals also went there and the leader of the group informed the workers that they have also paid money to officials of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture for the piece of land. How much they have paid for the land, the leader of the group did not state, but went on to explain that a lease document was issued out to them to develop the said piece of land.

It may sound incredible to learn that some officials of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture are engaged in illegally collecting money from Sierra Leoneans for the piece of land at the Lumley Beach. What is now the focus of some of these officials who have entangled themselves in money scandal is how to get rid of Ms. Metzger in place of their clients.

The situation as it unfolds, has revealed that money has changed hands and the only way the problem can be resolved is to frustrate the original Lessee to satisfy the new client, and one way of doing it is to frustrate Ms. Metzger and refused to accept current  lease payment from her and claimed that she is not financially strong to meet the demands of both the Tourist Board and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, which makes her ineligible to be assigned with a land for development(To be continued).

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