…exposed in carcase vehicle deal

Full of deception and fraud with appetite for making fast money, Royal Enterprise, one of the “street car sale centres” in the Country has frustrated the Government of President Ernest Bai Koroma in its response to meet the urgent demand for vehicles that can be used for burial of Ebola victims. This deception and fraud has landed the government in a state of regret and disillusionment.

The “quick fix arrangement” by Government to cushion the situation that was badly in need of vehicles turned out to be a mockery as Royal Enterprises scooped Millions of Leones in exchange for vehicles that are not roadworthy and can better be used as spares.

In addition to the immobility of the vehicles is the inability of the Company to supply chassis and engine numbers of eight vehicles out of a total of ten that they initially presented to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. The contract was for Thirty vehicles to fast track the burial of victims, but taking undue advantage of the prevailing situation, Royal Enterprises abused the situation and made away with huge amount of money from the Central Government and supplied not even second handed vehicles, but those can that can be used as spares to maintain other vehicles of the same model. The contract to Royal Enterprises was awarded by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

The dubious transaction came to light when the Ministry of Transport and Aviation requested for both the chassis and engine numbers, which up to press time the Company has not been able to supply. Apart from the eight vehicles that President Koroma ordered its immediate replacement, four had disappeared and the rest to complete the total number of vehicles that the Ministry contracted Royal Enterprises to supply now seemed remote to supply.

What may have over shadowed the case of Royal Enterprises in the supply of vehicles for burial and Ambulances is the intervention of Premier Logistics, which was contracted by the Ministry of Transport and Aviation to supply fifty new customized utility Ambulances and Hearse vehicles that are inclusive of frosted glass. The misconception, which was later clarified by the Minister of Transport and Aviation laid to rest wild speculations about the capacity of Premier Logistics to supply fifty new Ambulances and Hearse vehicles.

In order to cover the dirty and fraudulent performance of Royal Enterprises, accusing fingers of unsatisfactory contractual performance were pointed at Premier Logistics instead of Royal Enterprises that chopped Government money and failed to meet standards and specifications.

Minister Balogun Koroma has confirmed to this medium that Premier Logistics performed according to specifications and that its products are new. “Its intervention has changed the face of the current situation relating to transportation of Ebola victims and those meant for holding and examination centres” The Minister echoed.

Although he was not present when the contract was awarded, but the quality of product has given him immense satisfaction

The total number of vehicles contracted by government was fifty in number. Among them are Twenty Hearses and Thirty Ambulances.

Units Hard Top 78 Customized Utility/Hearse Vehicle use inclusive of Frosted Glass, Hearse Markings, Beacon Light


Chassis No:


1.                     JTGRB71J6E7018148                        10.       JTGRB71J1E7018462

2.                     JTGRB71J3E7018141                        11.       JTGRB71J4E7018147

3.                     JTGRB71J1E7018140                        12.       JTGRB71J2E7018146

4.                     JTGRB71J3E7018138                        13.       JTGRB71J0E7018145

5.                     JTGRB71J2E7018129                        14.       JTGRB71J9E7018144

6.                     JTGRB71J03E701128                        15.       JTGRB71J7E7018143

7.                     JTGRB71J9E7018127                        16.       JTGRB71J5E7018142

8.                     JTGRB71J7E7018126                        17.       JTGRB71J5E7018139

9.                     JTGRB71J7E7018125                        18.       JTGRB71J3E7018124


The remaining two will be added to the Thirty Ambulances that are expected to arrive by a private chartered Cargo plane tomorrow, whilst the twenty Hearses had already landed. “This will help to minimize the constraints and fast track all medically related problems” Two senior civil servants at the Ministries of Health, Sanitation, Transport and Aviation remarked. The arrival of the last consignment tomorrow will attest to the undisputable fact that the two companies contracted by Government to supply vehicles and Ambulances have profound differences, while Royal Enterprises could be described by many as a company full of hustlers with no reputation, Premier Logistics is seen by most officials of the line ministries as a dependable and credible business outfit that can be relied upon normal and during emergency situation.

The behavior of officials at the Royal Enterprises is synonymous to that of D&S Associates, the latter’s business profile is characterized by scandals and dishonesty.

D&S Associates came into prominence when an energy contract for the supply of generators was awarded to the company for two regions, namely Lungi and Kono.The contract attracted public and media criticisms as a result of what many Sierra Leoneans described as non credible performance by authorities of the company. It was the General Manager of the National Power Authority (NPA), Dr. Subairu Kalokoh that initially detected the non observance of technical specifications and quality of generators supplied to government after collecting huge amount of money as down payment. The quality of generators bought has remained a headache to government till date, considering the huge chunk of money paid out from the kitty of the government.

Recently President Koroma reportedly cancelled a contract that was intended for D&S Associates for the supply of Seventy Ambulances (70). The decision of the President was applauded by many Sierra Leoneans aufait with the modus operandi of D&S Associates. But it would be a shock to Sierra Leoneans if at any time in future the decision is reversed or another contract awarded to this company.

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