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The Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) in Freetown, Sierra Leone is the new gold mine for most so-called Ebola experts catapulted to  country to help fight the Ebola virus that is taking toll on innocent Sierra Leoneans. A local entrepreneur who donated US$350,000 Software has become the recent target of most of the experts who feel that they should control the data centre and supply figures of Ebola cases, suspected, confirmed and deaths to the world. The motive is to create a situation that is alarming which will attract more funding into fight into their pockets. These funds are being managed by the experts, dictating the pace and level of expenditure pattern.

The software, which was developed and donated by the local Entrepreneur to the Government and people of Sierra Leone is used by the system to register calls and all data related materials, which are analyze and the information giving out to government and international organization collaborating with Sierra Leoneans to fight the killer virus.

It became evident that a CDC employee named Adam is not comfortable with the operation of the system and wanted to take full control of it, whereby they can insert and inflate figures at their whims and caprices.

The resistance he received left him unhappy and consequently he is reportedly seeking out ways for the elimination of the resistance to have an undisputable access to the operation of the system.

For the past weeks and months frightened projections by the Centre for Disease Control(CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) about the infection rate of the virus has giving sleepless nights to Sierra Leoneans and President Koroma. The World Health Organization initially projected that 20,000 people will be infected with the virus. After the WHO projection, came the CDC projection of 5,590,000.

Just last week the CDC has issued out on the internet another scary projection to the tune of 1.4million people to be infected by early next year.

The behavior of some of the international experts has become worrisome and to a larger extent suspicious, indicating that they are using the current predicament of the West Africa sub-region to make money and enrich themselves. A behavior or assistance that has been perceived as an international conspiracy to depopulate the West Africa sub-region.

Most of the financial donations by international organizations and individuals are managed by foreign nationals who have emerged on the landscape of West Africa including Sierra Leone under the guise of helping to eradicate the virus.

Allegations that the Ebola virus is a creation of the United States of America is gradually developing. Although, admission to it is remote but critical minds have started reflecting on the development and spread of the HIV/AIDS disease that dominated major countries in the Africa continent, which later reverted to the western world some years back.

Names of five America doctors as alleged pioneers of the virus have started gaining entrance to the public domain.

Doctors Jonathan S.Towner, Stuart T.Nichol, James A.Corner, Thomas G.Ksiazek, Pierre E.Rollin have been featured as conspirators. It is unarguable true that the Ebola virus, especially the specie that is causing untold deaths in the sub-region is new to this part of the world. There are wide debates relating to the origin of the Ebola virus in the sub-region. Some pundits are claiming that the virus was created in one of the labs in the United States of America and exported to West Africa by some alleged America doctors disguised as mission workers. The truth about the creation and spread of the virus will come out, if not now but in the near future.

Meanwhile, many Sierra Leoneans are suggesting that since there are competent Sierra Leoneans in the country, the local partnership and operation of the system should be allowed to be done by Sierra Leoneans and those of the CDC, World Bank and other organizations with representatives at the centre operated by them. This is because; most of the statistical figures presented by these foreign bodies have become the subject of doubt and disbeliefs, which many have been attributed to reason not far from money making at the detriment of the victims. 

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