Wednesday 2nd October, 2014 the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) received in its midst an employee of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and by extension the National Public Procurement Unit (NPPU) to blow the whistle of corruption. Mr. Edward Kargbo reportedly sneaked into the ACC Office to make a disclosure relating to the sum of Le416,205.00, which he claimed was meant for Ebola Campaign that has been  allegedly misappropriated by officials attached to the National Public Procurement Unit(NPPU). He was quick to allege that the money has gone down the throats of human beings, least did he realize that the information he supplied to the ACC was not only misleading, but that the contents were not true and was expecting the ACC to go into action and humiliate some Government officials.

To many Sierra Leoneans, Mr. Edward Kargbo the self proclaimed whistle blower of the Anti Corruption Commission has a long history of corrupt practices and deception. The alleged amount that he wanted the ACC to spring into action and investigate, according to sources at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation is meant for daily subsistence allowance and the purchase of fuel and not meant for sensitization as he claimed and reported. A senior official at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation has confirmed to this medium that the funds are intact and being spent judiciously, but what has become very worrisome to officials at the ministry of Health and Sanitation is how Mr. Edward Kargbo has been conducting himself since his appointment as the Project Manager of NPPU. To many Government officials including foreign partners is an embarrassment to the Ministry and State House that offered him the job as a Project Manager without him having the required requisite.

Documentary evidence obtained on his behalf has revealed his true nature not only, for being clandestine, but also an impostor who negotiated a Two Hundred Thousand Dollar(US$200,000.00) drug contract with a Ghanaian Company called Sub-Sahara Synergy Group and the National Public Procurement Unit(NPPU) without any reference to either the Ministry of Health and Sanitation or officials of the NPPU. In other to hoodwink officials of the Sub-Sahara Synergy Group, Edward Kargbo claimed to be the Project Director of Procurement of the NPPU. It is not known how much he may have collected before the entire wheeler dealer operation backfired. In addition to the US$200,000.00) the document he allegedly authored established a tender fee of (US$500.00) as a condition for what he called pre-selection and non-refundable fee.

At the ACC Office, Edward Kargbo did not explain about the dubious Memorandum of Understanding nor did he disclose how he took an unofficial trip to Ghana and claimed to his unsuspecting partners that he is the Project Coordinator of Procurement of the NPPU.

When Standard Times contacted the Company in Ghana, one of the officials was shocked to learn that Edward Kargbo is an impostor. He explained that his trip was funded by the Company and during their business discussions he promised to deliver if the money is paid to him for the procurement of drugs and will ensure that the Sub-Sahara Synergy Group will be incorporated on the list of suppliers of drugs to the NPPU.

Ministry of Health and Sanitation sources say the conduct of Edward Kargbo is not only an embarrassment to them, but his history has portrayed him as a non credible person who should not be relied upon. “How can you posed to be the Project Director of Procurement when even the job he is employed to do as a project Manager he cannot proved your mettle, but yet collecting US$3,000.00 monthly as salary” The official remarked.

Some General and specific comments about Edward Kargbo relating to his job performance and conduct point to the adage of a square peg in a round hole. Several questions have been asked as to how he come by the job, from a sacked and disgraced officer of a nongovernmental organization in Liberia to a Project Manager that is incompetent in the middle of a project that is managed in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and Crown Agent. This has left many minds in shocks as to how recruitments of officials in key Government parastatals are accomplished without reference to the relevant criteria and proper verifications (Read next edition)

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