Murder at Waterloo: REV FATHER ON THE RUN

Police at the Waterloo Police Station are investigating the death of one Francis Kamara who was allegedly tortured to death by a band of youths under the influence of Rev. Randolph Spaine of the Theological College Wesley Street, Freetown. The ugly incident took place on September 11, this year at the Jorpoh Farm Waterloo. Sources say that Rev. Spaine was reportedly in the company of some thugs, one of them nicknamed Junior Lion.

Jarggay, Vandom, and operation officers of the Waterloo Police Station, including Muana, Augustine and Base, reportedly went to after sacrifice at the estate Rev. Randolph Spaine at Jorpoh Farm, Waterloo. On arrival at the estate he saw caretakers of premises that had been there unlawfully demolished on his orders.

According to sources, Junior Lion, Jarggay and Vandom, armed with weapons, started chasing the caretakers who fled for their lives. Francis Kamara, however could not escape and so he was grabbed and tortured to death. His corpse was place in a delivery van by police officers present and conveyed to one Dr. Bash’s place in Waterloo. The doctor, sources say, refused to subscribe to suggestions from the police that Francis Kamara died of the Ebola virus disease.

Two policemen, the sources revealed, moved the body to the mortuary. Rev. Spaine and other suspects to be associated with the murder of Francis Kamara had gone into hiding when police started making arrests for further investigation.

This is not the first time that a murder has taken place at the same venue with allegation of Rev. Spaine being behind it. On 3rd March, 2014, it was reported that an ex-service man called Mohamed Kallon aka “Bering Grun”, was brutally tortured to death on the alleged order of the same Rev. Spaine.

The land in question had been the subject of a matter before the High Court which adopted a consent judgement in favour of Rev. Randolph Spaine.   The judgment clearly states the area which Rev. Spaine should take possession, but had neglected the judgment and had since engaged in demolishing premises on pieces of lands that he considered as part of the consent judgement  in his favour.

What is astonishing is that ASP Fatmata Kamara, alias “Fat Kay” of the Waterloo Police Station, is acting as agent for Rev. Spaine in the sale of the land now being claimed by Rev. Spaine. She allegedly collects moneys and issues receipts as the Reverend Father’s agent,” a source disclosed.

It is evident that Rev. Spaine had gone beyond the terms of the consent judgement. The Trial Judge Nyao Muturi-Jones is on vacation and the file could not be found at the law Court Building for further hearing.

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