On EID-UL- ADAHA Day: Robbers Raid Magistrate Court

The Clerk of the Bo Magistrate Court No.2, Brima Tomboyekeh, has informed this press that last Saturday when Muslims were celebrating the EID-UL ADAHA, unidentified thieves broke into the court and carted away his bag which contained a substantial amount of money and valuable documents.

Relaying the information to this reporter during an exclusive interview in his office at the court house in Kortugbuma in Bo, Brima Tomboyekeh stated that the robbers also tried to pry open the giant safe in the courtroom, but did not succeed.

The Court Clerk noted that this is not the first time that thieves have broke into the court house and stole valuable items.

He attributed the ugly situation mainly to the dilapidated state of the court building which has broken windows through which the robbers easily gain entrance and cause havoc.


Brima Tomboyehek said the court house has gone without refurbishment for decades and is now in a visibly ramshackle and disgraceful state.

He called on government to do all in its power t ensure that the court building is rehabilitated.

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