For the past two days and probably the coming days the Awareness Newspaper has been opening a warfront, attacking and smearing the name of the Personal Assistant to the President, Mr. Brian Gilpin and the Official Government Spokesman attached to the Ministry of Information and Communication, Mr. Abdulai Bayraytay. These two individuals by all estimation and standard are perfect gentlemen that have been contributing positively to the achievement of the country’s national goals. Reason, for the unfortunate smearing and unprofessional lashing by the Awareness Times Newspaper of these two credible gentlemen remains unclear, but going through the publication, the deduction may be simple and attributed to personal reason that has been presented by the author in a different manner and fashion to give the gullible public the impression that the focus of the publication was exposed alleged dealings involving the two gentlemen in relation to a chartered plane for the President, who was to attend the Lancaster Conference on Ebola in Britain.

The articles presented to the gullible public about these personalities would give the impression that they, with special reference to Brian Gilpin had entered into a fraudulent arrangement with an airline that the author described as “rotten”

The true story and facts, the author deliberately failed to highlight  and give  reason(s) as to why she was forced to resign her position as the Special Executive Assistant(SEA) to the President, a position she had abused and water-down to the disgust of many Sierra Leoneans.

She was to be part of the delegate to the United Kingdom, when her name was miraculously deleted from the list and had thought that Brian Gilpin machinated the removal of her name. Further investigation has revealed that, having realized that her name was not on the list and subsequently called upon the next day by the President to take up an assignment outside Sierra Leone and forget about State House, the former SEA thought that she had been belittled, and hence she was requested to resign and avoid a raw sacking.

All these did not go down well with her, and Brian Gilpin earmarked as the bad guy who has gone to every length to spoil her chance, therefore he has to be presented in a bad light and give the impression to the public that he hired a “rotten plane” for the President’s trip to the Lancaster Conference in Britain.

What was criminally kept behind the curtain in favour of the wrong message peddling out has come out by the British High Commissioner relating to the hired Airplane for the Presidential trip.  A source that is not only incontestable, but reliable and very cogent. The British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone in a document dated 8th October, 2014 to His Excellency, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma commenced with an apology. The letter reads “Let me apologise again for the technical problem that developed with the aircraft which the UK Government chartered for you to travel last week to attend the Defeating Ebola Conference in London. I am most grateful for your patience and understanding that, despite the best laid plans these things happen” He said and went on “It is my particular regret that the incident prevented you from attending the very successful Conference. The Conference raised awareness of the scourge of Ebola, the urgent need for action and for new approaches to bring the disease under control. In a pledging session participants lined up to state readiness to support action in Sierra Leone and West Africa. We look forward to working closely with your Government to match the offers to actual needs in Sierra Leone….”

The timely intervention of the British High Commissioner has put to rest every speculation that the situation was manipulated by Brian Gilpin to create an embarrassing situation that will subject President Koroma to public ridicule. On the contrary, the ambition of the Awareness Times Newspaper has been exposed, making the entire campaign irrelevant and futile.

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