Four days back was an unfortunate day for Magistrate Manuela Harding who was accused of being a promoter of Ebola. Like the days of the RUF war, when decent people were wrongly accused of either being a collaborator or informant for the RUF, so it turned out to be for Magistrate Harding as she came out of her office to welcome a relative/friend who brought food for her and was stopped at the gate by Officer Frank.

As a Magistrate, conscious of the current predicament that the Country is faced with, she has been treading cautiously, but that did not help her in anyway; instead it has subjected her to criticism and disappointment as allegation of being an Ebola promoter left her embarrassed and disillusioned.

For eight years on the Bench, sources say Magistrate Harding hardly believed that she would be treated with disrespect by officers manning the gate, but what devastated her further was when allegation of being an Ebola promoter was slammed on her.

How did she become a promoter of the disease is the untold story. Sources explained that when her relative/friend materialized at the gate and explained that she came with food for the Magistrate. She was not allowed legitimate entrance, and had to call her on the phone to explain that she was not allowed to take the food to her. Magistrate Harding, a senior police officer who was monitoring the situation explained that she instructed one of the officers in her court, named Inspector Moore to proceed to the gate and accompanied her friend/relative to her office, but he too was resisted by Officer Frank. This gave cause to Magistrate Harding to proceed to the gate and collect both the food and her visitor. On her arrival at the gate she enquired from Officer Frank as to why he had refused her visitor entry, but the behavior of Officer was too disgusting and disrespectful. His next reaction was to abandon the gate and claimed that Magistrate Harding was promoting the Ebola virus as he has been instructed by his superiors not to allow entries of persons into the premises of the court.

The Law Court building is a public entity and everyday persons of all categories thronged the building including litigants. Entry at this time of persons into and out of the building when the Ebola virus is ravaging every sector should be controlled, but not disrespected. Officer Frank created a situation that left the eight- year- experience Magistrate at the mercy of everyone including her superiors. 

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