TRIBALISM TAKES OVER HEALTH MINISTRY as lover Boy Minister Turns “Mike Tyson”

The Ministry of Health and Sanitation is not a Nursing Home, where the Deputy Minister was part of the Nursing Home Administration in the United States of America, nor it is a fighting ring, for the likes of Mike Tyson and Bruno, but a Medical Establishment set up for the administration and implementation of medical and related activities that require professional and human resources for the smooth and effective realization of its objectives and goals.

The Ministry seems to be moving away from its national assignment and key players including the lover boy Minister  reportedly gradually turning the Ministry to a boxing ring, engaging his Permanent Secretary and other members of staff he deems not speaking the same dialect with him. October 14th 2014, the heat at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation almost tripled, when the Minister Dr. Fofanah went on the rampage, subjecting most of the professional staffs into ridicule and humiliation and was heard screaming like a Leopard that had escaped the fierce bullets of a hunter.

With Dr. Fofanah trying to imitate Mike Tyson, the former Boxing Champion, who later lost his belt and introducing jungle justice in a Government Ministry, the Permanent Secretary who was Dr. Fofanah’s target became emotionally triggered to respond and prove to his boss that he too can imitate Mike Tyson and behave in the same manner.

It would appear absurd that the Ministry responsible to champion the fight against the killer Ebola disease is now heading for a different path, with the political head, whom much was expected from literally transforming the institution into a boxing ring, because; according to him the Ministry is packed full of Southeasterners, who are Sierra Leoneans themselves having obligation to the state and the State obligated to them in providing jobs in the fields that personnel are qualified to execute their respective duties.

While Dr. Fofanah is may be desperate to fish out those he called Southeasterners, over 150 Cuban Doctors lodged at the Barmoi Hotel are just there eating, drinking and sleeping with no plans yet in place either by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation or the EOC to assign them to their respective region of work.

Although, the heat did not last for long between Dr. Fofanah and his Permanent Secretary, it however raised the awareness of most of the workers about the type of political head that succeeded the former Minister, Madam Miatta Kargbo that he is a tribalist and a green snake who had been under the grass for a long time and portraying himself as the good guy during the days of the Miatta Kargbo regime.

After the unofficial and ungentlemanly behaviour of the Minister, the situation during the succeeding days remains fluid with workers now coming to realize that the political head of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation is a tribalist.

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