Selection Committee meets today: US$30 Million For NASSIT Chicken Project

President Ernest Bai Koroma may find it difficult to reject the recommendation of Mr. Joseph Mans (Jr) as the New Director General of NASSIT. This is due to several reasons and among them is the pressure from a group of cabal that has compromised their integrity and sold the confidence reposed on its by the President for few Leones that have been offered to them to recommend one of the most incompetent and aged Candidate for the position.

The current Ag. Director General who is notorious for making boastful statements has reportedly announced to almost all members of Staff of the Trust including those at the various Provincial Towns that he will be endorsed for the job and that the interview conducted is just a matter of formality.

Additionally, Mr. Joseph Mans (Jr) has intimated the staff that each of them will receive a car loan, which would be his initial sacrifice to them when he is endorsed for the job.

Confidently, he made the promise and pleaded with them to cooperate with him when he assumes the seat officially.

He is widely known among his colleagues for his braggadocio statements and his connection to the APC Party “I am a member of the APC Party and have done my home work well” He was quoted to have said, and went on “It is just a matter of time for the President to endorse the recommendation of the Committee”

The Nassit Selection Committee is expected to meet today, where a final decision is to be taking and forwarded to President Koroma for his endorsement.

Members of the Selection Committee are, Dr. Bangura of NCP, Mr. Momodu Kargbo of the Central Bank, Mr. Joe Thomas of An Auditing Firm, Mr. Jacob Kanu, Chairman of the NASSIT expired Board of Directors, Minister Martin Timbo of the Labour and Social Security Ministry, Mr. Idrissa Kamara of the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, Dr. Conton –Sesay, Chief of Staff and former Head of the National Commission for Social Action. How Dr. Conton-Sesay left the Social Action is not anything good to write home about especially with issues relating to the ADB Funds that were badly implemented and currently most of the projects are in shambles. This is the individual together with the Chairman of the expired Board of Directors that will present the recommendation to the President for his endorsement.

The entire scenario to get the right person for the job has been messed up and corrupted with money and political party connections.

Mr. Joseph Mans(Jr) is the elder brother of Madam Elizabeth Mans, the APC Women’s Congress Leader and also Mrs. Linda Koroma, wife of the former Minister of Works, Mr. Alimamy P.Koroma. Mrs. Linda Koroma is also a member of the APC party and working at the Mano River Union as Deputy Secretary General. Mr. Joseph Mans (Jr) is far older than his two sisters. Some of his age mates say he is between 66yr-67yr old and has worked at the Sierra Leone Post Office where his exit was questionable. At the National Power Authority (NPA) he spent some time and left for unexplained reasons before going to NASSIT. He has very strong backers within the system for the Job, both political and outside politics. Among them are Mr. Sanpha Koroma of the Union Trust Bank, Dr. Conton-Sesay and his Sister Elizabeth Mans of the APC.

Development at NASSIT over the past couple of months has not been palatable, especially those relating to projects that the Trust is pumping money into and not those that have attracted huge money but remained unproductive. There are new projects under the administration of Joseph Mans (Jr), that their viability and productivity have remained questionable or unpredictable.

Inside sources say the Trust has partly disbursed some huge amount of money for the setting up of a poultry farm, which has been estimated to the tune of US$30Million. The poultry will focus on the development of chickens, eggs, goats and other domestic animals, which they anticipated will yield dividend. The US$30 Million project will soon be the pride of the Trust to prove to the doubting Thomas’s that the Trust is investing wisely to build its investment base. To many, this type of investment is not considered wise taking examples from others, how they failed, but in a bid to misappropriate funds Mr. Joseph Mans (Jr) and his team is ready to take the risk.

What some of the top managers of the Trust have not been able to cover up lately from the public, came out as a result of how sharing of the remaining amount of money used to purchase a large piece of land at Charlotte was done unevenly.

The sum of Le10Billion was reported to the Board as the cost for the land, but the managers of the Trust ended up paying Le4Billion for the land and when the remaining amount of money was shared, some take the lion share and give pittances to others. Those aggrieved decided to make secret public and are now calling for an investigation. But unfortunately, the Anti Corruption Commission that should take the lead is alleged to be receiving SECURITY FEE from the Trust, so the question remains who will investigate NASSIT?

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