Stand Up to Ebola App will trace ebola in Sierra Leone

My name is Moses Achi Juana a Sierra Leonean in the United States, son of the Late Hon. Tamba E. Juana from Kangama, Kissi Teng.

About myself

I am an IT professional major in Network and Communication Management. Results-oriented and dedicated Technical Support Advisor with Verizon, with over five years of experience and an exceptionally strong track record of success diagnosing and resolving computer issues. Analytical, strategic thinker who excels at assessing situations, diagnosing problems, and implementing creative solutions to address even the most complex problems to boost efficiency and productivity.

I have spent the last 3 years specializing in fiber technology, a year in mobile development, architecture and now developing a native mobile app and responsive websites.

Since August I have been trying to break through with my initiative and innovation but to no avail yet. I have tried to reach so many people in Sierra Leone but as you know sir, I am a Sierra Leone and a black-man no one will take me seriously. I have not yet been given the opportunity or platform to show how this app will help which I am convinced it will help in the fight against EBOLA.

Summary of how the app work

I have put it place an app about to be launched called “Stand Up to Ebola” this app will provide a way for health workers to diagnose and treat Ebola in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. The app is interactive and prescreen the user for Ebola, the information will be sent to health professionals who will contact the person if symptoms indicate positive, and arrange contact for treatment. It will also record the GPS location of the user, will help with three of what the World Health Organization is focusing on; case management, surveillance, contact tracing, all these information will be sent to health professionals. It will help indicate “hotspots” of Ebola outbreaks. The app targets key issues that heath care professionals are currently facing in the prevention and treatment of Ebola.

Besides the pre-screening that the app will do to determine whether you have Ebola or not, details below about the three things that WHO talk about which is included in this app:

1) Case Management

The app requires users to sign up with their contact info (name, phone, etc) as well as records their GPS location by prompting the user to allow GPS tracking through the phone to a web server. The database on the web server will allow secure access to health authorities to view user information, and determine the likelihood of infection, treatments, and recovery cases

2) Surveillance

When users allow locations services running for the app, the app will be sending periodic GPS location coordinates to the web server. This means we have our eyes fixed on people that have recover also people that have taken the test, and keeping track on suspected case and outbreaks.

3) Contact Tracing

User will answer questions (is an interactive app even a 6 graded can use) which will determine, the likelihood of infection. Once your account is created in the system, the system takes in millions of users. The app feedback will depend on the results, ranging from educating the user on how to avoid and prevent transmission, to setting up a call from a health professional. All of the results will be recorded on a web server linked to the user account information. This will make it easier for us to locate individuals anywhere and at anytime.

To conclude:

Because no one was listening to me I created a site that people can donate so that I can buy all what I need to setup an emergency unit or Ebola center and personal travel to Sierra Leone and get things moving to help the government of President Koroma and my people against this deadly disease. Presently I have used my own money to get the App to a Canadian company (  that are really helping me launch the App.

I am looking forward to you sir to make this happen.  Join me to “Stand Up” is my battle cry to encourage and empower those affected in some way or other by this tragedy. I want to empower souls to be more knowledgeable about this awful disease in order to bring the crisis under control as quickly as possible.



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