“NASSIT Staff paid me Le40 million for stolen machine”

…Accused tells magistrate Kamanda

Mr.Mohamed Kallay, alias Jawe, the 1st accused person in the larceny case of a stolen machine has told the Magistrate’s Court No.2 that he pawned the device to Mr. Bah of NASSIT. Before the matter was charged to court, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Frank Kargbo had ordered the arrest of Mr. Bah and a solider called Mohamed Marrah in connection with the larceny.

The Inspector General of Police seemed to have been dragging his feet to effect the order of the Attorney General until it was reported by this medium.

Following the report, the Criminal Investigation Department charged Mohamed Kallay and Mohamed Marrah to court, but unable to produce Marrah the second accused.

In his testimony in court on 15th October, 2014 Kallay told Magistrate Komba Kamanda that the machine’s whereabouts could only be found if Mr. Bah is brought before the court.

He said he received a down payment in the sum of Forty Million Leones from Mr. Bah. This statement bemused the Magistrate who asked Kallay whether Forty Million Leones was the selling price of the money. Kallay however appeared to be speaking from the point of view that the AVR Machine in question costs more than Fifty to Thousand United   States Dollars. It is used to detect quality and valuable minerals and was owned by an Irishman called Fintan Roche of the BLACK STONE COMPANY. The Company was mining Coltan in Kamakwe and the Bombali District.

Listening to the testimony of Kallay, Magistrate Kamanda ordered the prosecution to produce Mr. Bah on the next adjourned date, which was 29th October 2014.

When the matter came up for hearing on 29th October, Mr. Bah was again not available, leaving the Magistrate with no alternative but to adjourn the mater to 20th November 2014.

The Attorney General is said to have called on the Deputy CID Boss, Mr. J. Tommy and informed him of Kallay’s testimony   and emphasized the arrest of Mr. Bah.

Mr. Tommy said Mr. Bah could not be charged because there was a middleman between Mr.Kallay and Mr. Bah called Mr. Priddy who at the moment is at large.

“I have written to Airtel for them to help locate where Priddy is communicating from but they too referred me to NATCOM. I have written a letter to that effect to NATCOM, but I have not got a response from them:, Mr. Tommy was quoted to have  said and maintained that only Mr. Priddy can confirm the transaction between the two people.

However, it has been reported that Priddy worked for Mr. Bah’s T.M. Mining Company so it was possible that Mr.Bah may have connived with some authorities at the police hierarchy to send Priddy into hiding for him not to implicate Mr. Bah.

Meanwhile the wife, children and relatives of Mr.Kallay have raised concern over the continued detention in prison of their husband and father as the prosecution has deliberately failed to produce both Mr. Bah and Mr. Priddy.

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