Former President Kabbah in Sierra Leone exposes SLPP Mada Bio in US$400,000 Deal

Former President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah of Sierra Leone has written a beautifully bound 359-page volume

Former President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah of Sierra Leone exposes SLPP Mada Bio

…identifies Bank account in the Channel Islands

Five years after ex-president Kabbah’s public disclosure about the activities of the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC I&11) in their four- year- in governance and how they reluctantly and grudgingly handed over political power to the SLPP Government, documentary evidence has countered  the Sierra Leone People’s Party recent campaign of lies and deceitfulness to the general public that the NPRC and Julius Maada Bio willingly handed over political power to a democratically civilian Government, which was headed by Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah.


In a speech delivered by ex-president Kabbah on the occasion of the launching of a Gunboat and landing craft donated by the Government of the People’s Republic of China on 2nd January, 1997 at the Government Wharf  ex-president Kabbah did not mince his words while addressing the mammoth gathering in the presence of the Vice President, Dr. Albert Joe Demby, Speaker of Parliament, Justice Edmond Cowan, Chairman, Committee of Management, Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Members of the Diplomatic Corps and a host of Distinguished  Guests and Representatives of the Chinese Government and its Ambassador Qu Wen Ming, that his government uncovered two coup plots, which prompted action from him to enlist assistance from the Nigerian Government to conduct investigation in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Police ‘That panel, he said had since completed its investigations and submitted its report to Government and while my Government was taking action on that report another coup plot was unearthed…” The ex-president recalled.

But what sent shock waves among members of the gathering was the disclosure made by ex-president Kabbah, when he revealed thus “It is common knowledge that the NPRC regime handed over power very reluctantly and grudgingly as a result of the irresistible and overwhelming desire and determination of the population for an elected civilian Government.  Consequently some members of the NPRC left their personal staff and bodyguards with the impression that the NPRC was only going on break.  Some of the soldiers in that category actually believed this and are still unwilling to give any civilian administration a dog’s chance for survival, as now evidenced. The soldiers concerned are those who have been closest to the NPRC regime and on whom special and undeserved favours have been conferred.  Some of them have had strange and irregular promotions, lacking in discipline, and believing that by creating an atmosphere of indiscipline and disorder they could seize power and establish NPRC No. III. They are acting only as surrogates for some NPRC members within and out of the country.  The Special Investigating Panel went to great lengths to identify who those NPRC members and sympathizers are, and my Government is painstakingly keeping a close watch on them and on every move they make.

Another method employed by the outgoing NPRC to sow, ex-president Kabbah said was to the seed of discord in the army against the civilian government and to convince every soldier that at the departure of the NPRC Government a decision had already been taken and communicated to my government that every soldier was to be awarded a 500% salary increase and that this amount had already been provided by the World Bank and the I.M.F.  Some simple-minded soldiers have swallowed this idea and are now living under the false impression that my Government is deliberately withholding this salary increase from them, and their only way to it would be to strike against my Government.  This was another calculated ploy meant to create the basis for coup plots among a small group of such simple-minded soldiers.  The fact of the matter is that there was no such decision by the NPRC to award such salary increase to the military and no such decision was communicated by them to my Government on our assumption of office.  Neither the World Bank nor the I.M.F. has made any provision of salary increase for the military or for any other public sector worker.  In any case these organizations do not make such provisions.  They do not give cash to governments.  They provide imputs, including salaries for experts for approved projects.  They give loans for prudent macro-economic management of a country with the hope that this will form the basis for a structure for development of the country.  Such loans have to be repaid by the country…”

The speech was delivered on 2nd January, 1997 and runs contrary to the propaganda made by the SLPP that Mr. Julius Maada Bio should be commended for peacefully handing over political power to a civilian government. It is not known what next step the SLPP will now resort to as it is now abundantly clear from Mr. Julius Maada Bio’s successor that there was no willingness on the part of the NPRC to hand over power.

The ex-president lamented on a number of security problems he said the Special Investigation Panel identified and went further to explain them such as the discovery of large quantities of arms and ammunition and other lethal weapons, which he said was in the possession and custody of individual officers and men in the military “According to the findings, this has also heightened the temptation of a small group of indisciplined soldiers to plot a coup d’ etat. These soldiers largely belonged to the personal staff and served as bodyguards of the former NPRC hierarchy” He said, and went on to state that, “Even in the midst of the rebel war there was no justification, and indeed not desirable, for such large quantities of arms and ammunition to be in the possession of individual soldiers”

What was most revealing and shocking in ex-president Kabbah’s speech was when he explained that another instance of reckless and irresponsible manner in which the affairs of the state were conducted by the NPRC regime is the granting of a general Power of Attorney to Steven Bio, the brother of the erstwhile Head of State and Government, to conclude all and any defence and military contracts anywhere in the world and at his sole discretion, as the accredited agent of Government of Sierra Leone and emphasized that by virtue of such unusual authority, Steven Bio concluded a number of contracts running into tens of millions of dollars “There is no evidence that most of those contracts have been performed, but Steven Bio has already been paid millions of dollars on them and he is claiming further amounts as arrears of payments. Further, ex-president went on, “In his capacity as Chairman of the NPRC, Brigadier J.M.Bio himself on 1st February 1996, few days before he left office, caused the Government to pay into the account of his private firm, P BANGA INVESTMENT LIMITED the sum of Le235,000,000 in respect of contracts that the firm had purportedly entered into with Government for the supply of spare parts for the replacement of helicopter engines which did not belong to Government. Incidentally, ex-president Kabbah said, it was into the account of this same firm in the Channel Islands that Brigadier Bio paid his own share of US$400.000 from the purported passport deal which was dissolved recently and concluded by saying “There are many more such contracts involving other former top NPRC members as well as their relatives and other associates and some of these individuals are now suspects in the second coup attempt and are fugitives from justice” It would be recalled that Mr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah was a two-term president and ruled Sierra Leone from 1996 to 2007. During his reign his Government suffered several setbacks, but was able to overcome them due to his perseverance and determination. One of his Principal advisers was Dr. Sama Banya, commonly known as Puawui the current pen pusher and Chief propagandist of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP). At the time ex-president Kabbah made these revelations at the Government Wharf; Dr. Sama Banya was with him, but did not counter a word from the ex-president

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2 Responses to Former President Kabbah in Sierra Leone exposes SLPP Mada Bio in US$400,000 Deal

  1. Ydriss Bangura

    August 18, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!! This is a shame to SLPP. Was any vetting of Maada Bio even done in the first place?

  2. Phil

    August 19, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    Your article on Maada Bio is utter crap and bulshit. This is no news, we all know he leapfroged certain ranks promoted himself, though deservingly. That rank was a requirement to assunme the office of Chief of Defence Staff during a cooling-off period and prelude the Kabba era. Besides, you dont even know that a Brigadier and Brigadier-Gen is one and the same rank, it is simply a 1-Star General. Plz resolve to writing something news worthy. I am sick and tired this primitive journalism

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