Alleged murder suspect caught in Guinea after one year in hiding

By: Unissa Bangura

Thirty-Seven year old fisherman Abdul Fullah thought he had escaped from the long arm of the law when he surreptitiously found his way to the sister country of Guinea, as he was about to be arrested for allegedly killing one Memunatu Jalloh.

Suspect Abdul Fullah ran out of luck when he was picked up by Guinea Police officers few weeks ago and escorted to the borders of Guinea and Sierra Leone and handed over to the security in Kambia for onward transfer to the Tombo Police where the offence was allegedly said to have been committed.

Sources reaching this press maintained that the Police did not waste to speedily proffer the charge of Murder contrary to Law against Abdul Fullah, formerly of Findley Street in Tombo.

Making his first appearance before Principal Magistrate Mr. Abou Bakarr Binneh Kamara in the Freetown Ross Road Magistrate Court N0.1, the accused Abdul Fullah was alleged to have murdered one Memunatu Jalloh on Friday August 2, 2013 at Tombo Town in the Waterloo Judicial District in the Western Area Republic of Sierra Leone.

As a capital offence and the laws of Sierra Leone only provide for a Preliminary Investigation (PI) to be carried out by the court below, the accused was not required to take a plea in the circumstance; the presiding Magistrate had no option but to refuse bail and remand the accused to the central Prisons at Pademba Road in Freetown.

The matter was adjourned to December 9, 2014.

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